26 December 2014


After all the toys have worn out the kids brains and they've come off their sugar rush... here's a little craft to entertain. It's set up to give as a gift for their friends too so they can share in the fun.
xoxo Merry Christmas!
FREE PRINTABLE BELOW (print at 100% on cardstock)

Brown Pipe Cleaner (cut in 1/2)
Candy Cane
Googly Eyes
Red Puff Ball
Brown Paper Bag
Washie Tape
Printout *Optional for gift giving

24 December 2014


Happy Christmas Eve, friends. I've got all kinds of crafty bits to share, some you can still do in time for Christmas, others I'll do after the all the hubbub and we're all searching for things to do ;) Is there EVER a time when we're searching for things to do?????? Gah! no.

For now, it's getting down to the wire and almost time to start wrapping gifts. My own personal little tradition (In our house, I'm Santa, BTW) I like to spread out everything in the living room, put on "White Christmas" and get'r done all at once on Christmas Eve.

I mentioned in my last post the mini weavings. I've seen several that have inspired me and after checking out some tutorials, I dug out my yarn (and bought a little more), made a mini loom and started in. I think I made over a dozen. They really don't take very long, once I got it all figured out. And they're a nice mindless craft to do while watching TV. 

Above is a weaving along with the fixings for my girlie friend gift. A Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper, a lime and a bit of Coconut Syrup in a small glass vial. Wrapped in a cello bag with some newsprint and shred mix. Tied with a ribbon and the weaving on the outside. When I write up a tag, I mix rubber stamps ("for") and calligraphy (their name) and I hand write (my name).

Sturdy Board cut to about 4"x6" (1) + 4"x1.5" (4) - You can choose your size
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Hefty Scissors or Box Cutter

1. Cut down the board and two strips for each end (4 strips total). I happened to have some packaging from a Mac box and I liked that it was coated and sturdy. Cardboard would work too, but I think it could fall apart from the yarn being pulled in and out of the slits.
2. Hot glue two strips to each other. Hot glue each of the strip stacks to the main 4"x6" board, one 1/2" down from the top and the other 1/2" up from the bottom. 
3. Snip slits from the stacked strips to the top edge. I cut 5 about 1/2" apart. Do the same at the bottom. See photos below.

Choose 3-5 different yarns with a mix textures. I had a thin cream with gold, a couple of chunky, and some standard bold colors.
Sewing Scissors
Pack of Tapestry Needles - I like these for their fat tips and large eye to thread the yarn. I also like a pack of 4-6 to have several yarns threaded at once to switch back and forth easily.
Fray Check
1/2" Gold Jingle Bells
A Stick from Nature about 4"-6" long and 1/4" in diameter
Masking Tape
Wide Tooth Comb for pushing up the yarn

1. Cut five strips of yarn to a desired length. I've done short and long and in the end I preferred the long. 16" strands folded in half are great.
2. With one piece of yarn folded in half, hold the folded part to the stick and pull the ends through. Repeat for all five strands of yarn.
3. Pull each "set" of yarn strips through the top slits of the loom. Each set has it's own slit. The stick should be pulled closely at the back of the loom. 
4. Pull each set of yarn strips straight down and through the bottom slit. Repeat for all five sets. 
5. Turn the loom over, and twist the excess yarn, and tape to the back. You've created the warp and are now ready to start weaving.
6. Thread each of the pieces of yarn about 14"-20". 
7. Start with whichever you'd like at the top leaving about 3" of yarn hanging out at the top. Weave up and down through each of the pieces of the warp. If you pull tightly, the weaving will warp in. If you leave it too loose, the yarn will bubble. I kind of like the variation of it going in and out, but some may not. Use your comb to push up each row.
8. You can add different bits of color or texture by weaving to a point (see the bottom left photo) and filling in with another piece of yarn.
9. I keep weaving until they are about 3"-4" long.
10. On the back side, I leave 2" ends near each other to tie a knot and then dab a bit of fray check and cut. I take care of all of that business with the knots on the back before I undo the warp.
11. When you're finished weaving, carefully take off the tape on the back. 
12. Starting on one end, I undo the warp. One slit at a time. Tie the yarn in a square knot and move on to the next slit until all five are knotted.
13. At the top, carefully pull the stick side of the warp out of the slits. Thread the top starter piece of yarn and weave it back into the top, fray check and cut.
14. *Optional - Thread a bell on one side or in the middle and tie with a square knot.
15. With all of the warp threads hanging down, you can cut them straight across, or angle cut them. You can also stagger cut them, which is what I like the best when they're long.
16. Cut a 7" piece of yarn and tie it to the stick on each end to enable your weaving to hang. I also fray check these knots.

Next, I'd like to try a larger weaving with more official equipment. P.S. You can also see my little helper below. She likes to pick out color combinations with me.

* FREE PRINTABLE for your coconut vials.

23 December 2014


It's almost Christmas. I've been busy making little gifts. My favorite thing to do, really. I get a bit carried away with this time of year, I can't deny. I try to stay within a budget and keep it all reasonable, but the earlier I finish, the more projects I add. So getting my Christmas shopping completed early doesn't really mean that I'm done. It just means more time to buy more and make more stuff.

I'll share a bit of what I've been up to:
FOR MY GIRLIE FRIENDS - A Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper, a lime and a bit of Coconut Syrup in a wee glass vial plus a weaving for my besties. Wrapped in a cello bag with a bit of newsprint/craft shred, tied with a ribbon and the weaving on the outside.
FOR MY SISTERS - A series of mini nail polishes and a weaving. Wrapped in a muslin baggie with some craft shred and the weaving attached to the outside.
FOR THE NEIGHBORS - Caramel Sauce with a large Honeycrisp Apple. Wrapped in a cello bag with a bit of newsprint/craft shred and tied with a ribbon.
FOR MY KIDS FRIENDS - A candycane craft. Wrapped in a kraft baggie with an instruction sheet, googlie eyes, red nose, brown pipe cleaner and a candycane, of course.
FOR MY KIDS TEACHERS - Two of them got a children's picture book and the other two got a christmas scented candle (found those at Target for under $10.00) Wrapped in craft paper with sparkle ribbon.

Needless to say, my kitchen is a wreck all of December. But it's fun.
One thing I didn't do was take photos. I'll post more in the next few days, I'm sure.

Mini Weavings

Girlfriend Gifts

16 December 2014


A shout out to my crazy talented husband and his newest project... it's a goodie! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, being married to Tosh equals a lifetime of amazing T-Shirts. But this time, there won't be any left for me to just have, they're selling like spicy hot cakes. As they should... they're so gooood lookin'.

You can see more on Instagram, and if you're local (163 S Main St, SLC), there are a select few items at Big Cartel's Pop Up Shop.

But honestly, if you wanted something, I can put in a good word ;)

Hooray for CITY OF SALT! Busy All The Time

25 November 2014


Felt - 2 fall colors
Felt Balls - fall colors
Acorn Caps
Embroidery Thread & Needle
Hot Glue
String or twine

1. Cut fall leaves (see template below), two per guest
2. Hot glue felt balls into acorn caps
3. Embroidery names on top leaf
4. Hot glue base of second leaf to the back of the top one. This hides the threading on the backside of the top leaf. I offset mine a bit.
5. Add knotted string to the acorns if you'd like to tie it around a napkin.
6. Hot glue the acorns to the base of the leaves.

Free Fall Leaf Printable

21 November 2014


Thankgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love autumn time for the colors, the cooler temperature, the opportunity to wear layers, boots and cozy scarves. This time is all around lovely to me... And then winter hits and I'm afraid.

But my Thanksgiving decorations are slim. They always have been. So once again, I try to add a little more each year.

Within the last few years I've made an acorn garland and wreath. I've put together a couple pedestals with old plates and brass goblets. I've made gold tipped glittered feathers, and I've found a few flea market items that have all contributed to my decorations for Thanksgiving... Getting there.

This year, I made a feather garland and a teepee with peg people. I need to give props to the original source for these adorable little people. I could never make them as perfectly as they do and if I had the money I'd just buy them. But I also pride myself on making things with my own two hands. So I won't offer a DIY tutorial since these are purchasable. This is just to show how mine turned out.

*I have learned that as I get older, my eyes are getting worse and my hands are more shaky... I have a deep appreciation for people who carry on their skills and talents into their later years. My grandmother was one that comes to mind. She used to paint dishes and I remember when she finally stopped. It was so sad to me, but I now understand why. It's hard to continue with pride when you can see that your skills are slipping. But all that said, she was still one of my best sources of creative inspiration as a kid. Thank you Grandma Wright!! xoxo

03 November 2014


Feathers are so lovely and simple... the perfect accent for Thanksgiving decorations.
I made a garland with feathers that I had on hand from previous crafts so this was quickly made, but can be just as easily done by purchasing a few different feathers. Any leftovers are sure to be utilized in future projects.

3-6 different types of feathers (sources here, and here)
White Goose Feathers (here)
Sponge Brush or Flat Tp Brush
Gold Glitter
Martha Stewart Gold Paint
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
Wax Paper

1. Lay out the twine at the length that works for you. I like 4' garlands as they work well in door ways and on mantles.
2. Organize your feathers in a pattern that you like. Be sure to start your first feather about 7" from the edge of the twine end.
3. Hot Glue each feather to the twine.
4. Lay out some wax paper under a few white feathers. Paint the tips of the white feathers.
5. Sprinkle a bit of gold glitter over the gold paint. Let dry.
6. Cut a rounded edge on each of the gold tipped feathers.

30 October 2014


Here's a last minute freebie bit. Happy Halloween!! xoxo

Cardstock and Printer
Black Glitter Glue
Black Glitter
Small Hole Punch
Ribbon or Twine
Wax Paper
Xacto, Ruler and Cutting Board
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

1. Open free printable and print out on cardstock (3 Sheets).
2. Cut out each flag.
3. Punch small holes in the top two corners of each flag. I start with one, and use it as a guide for the others so they're all in the same place.
4. Thread the garland with spacing that you like.
    *You can embellish with beads or felt balls between each letter if you'd like.
5. Hot glue the ribbon to the backs of each flag to keep them in place.
6. Tie off the ends to the "H" of HAPPY and the "N" of HALLOWEEN
7. On top of a piece of wax paper, glitter glue each flag.
8. Sprinkle black glitter after each flag is glitter glued.
9. Let dry and hang.

With a *bonus* "BOO" Banner.

22 October 2014


I try to add a little each year to our Halloween decorations. I prefer a bit of creepiness to scary/gross but I have two young kids, so there's still some cutsie stuff ... eventually I'll work in more creepy. That would explain the occasional skeleton.

13 October 2014


Just a couple of quick (but messy) DIY ideas to add to your Halloween decorations. 


Lace fabric - I used black lace
Craft Pumpkin - I used cream but you could get orange or black
PVA Glue
Water and Mixing Cup
Foam Brush
Wax Paper - to keep things semi-less-messy
Fabric Scissors
1. Mix some glue and water in a mixing cup.
2. Lay out some wax paper and put the pumpkin on top of it.
3. Cut a piece of lace fabric that will cover the pumpkin from top to bottom.
4. Place the lace on top of the pumpkin and cut a small X for the stem to poke through.
5. Start globbing on the glue from top to bottom, pulling the lace down to the bottom and glueing at the same time. Glue on top of the fabric and smooth out the fabric as best as possible.
6. Let dry.
7. Once dry, cut off excess black lace at the bottom. You want enough left to cover the pumpkin completely, but you want to get rid of all of the folds and smooth it to the pumpkin.
8. To clean up the lace folds, cut up the center of a fold and glue each flap to the pumpkin. Overlapping slightly is ok, and won't be noticeable in the end.
9. Once all the folds of fabric are all smoothed to the pumpkin give the whole thing one last once over with a layer of glue.


Small balloons
Wire - thick and flexible
Empty Paper Towel Rolls
Masking Tape
Gauze Fabric
PVA Glue
Water and Mixing Bowl
Wax Paper - To semi contain the mess

1. Cut a 12" strip of wire and poke it through an empty paper towel roll about 2-3" down from the top so that each end is coming out of it like arms. Bend each end in a loop. 
2. Bend the arms so that the ends are pointed up a bit.
3. Blow up a small balloon (the ghost head) and tape it to the top of the of the empty paper towel roll.
4. Tape the bottom of the paper towel roll to the table or wax paper (also secure the wax paper).
5. Cut smallish sections (roughly 5"by 15") of gauze and dip them into the gluey water mixture. 
6. One by one drape glued gauze over the top of the balloon "head" and wire "arms" to make a ghost shape.
7. Keep layering until you have the desired amount of draped gauze.
8. Let dry.
9. Pop the balloon and take out the tube.

10 October 2014


I made this the same way that I did the Christmas glitter house, with a group of girlie friends, a whole lot of glitter and spray glue. It fits in with my vintage Victorian decorations pretty good. I put it on a silver platter and added a few more trees than you see here.

Craft House
Black Glitter
Super 77 Spray Mount Glue
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Black Spray Paint
Dollhouse Accessories - Small Bottle Brush Trees, Mini Pumpkins, Skeleton Bones, Mini Fence,
Scrapbooking Papers
Glitter Ribbons
Lace and Ribbons
Wire and Cutters
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet
Battery Powered Lights
Gauze and Elmer's Glue - for mini ghosts
Air Dry Clay and Paints - for RIP Headstone

1. Collect accessories that can go on the house.
- I made a wreath for over the door with a wire loop, lace knotted all around it, and a skeleton charm glued to it.
- I traded some of my accessories for some handmade items: gauze ghost (made with watered glue and gauze) and RIP Headstone (made with air dry clay and grey paint).
2. Spray Paint the house, trees, fence and other accessories black.
3. Spray house with 3M Spray Mount and glitter it (either over wax paper, or a trash can)
4. Embellish House
- Cut Papers for interior and hot glue into place.
- Some of my friends lined the interior of the house with vellum paper over the windows.
- Others lined the windows with fabric lace. I chose to keep mine open.
5. Hot glue moss, fence, and accessories to the "yard".
6. Hot glue ribbon, lace and other embellishments to roofline.

07 October 2014


My husband and I recently stayed in a little hotel that can easily be described as heaven on earth. With its variety of textures, subtlety of color, and shear beauty all around, not to mention amazing food and service... We were near tears come check out time. I actually hesitate to share this fine fortune, but honestly, Washington Schoolhouse Hotel won't be a sweet secret for long.

23 September 2014


My girls room is entered in the Apartment Therapy's Room For Color contest. Please help me out with a vote by clicking on the ad to the right or here. It's such a sweet little, fancy room and I'm happy to see it getting some play on the fabulous Apartment Therapy.

This is the style sheet I used when planning it. I really wanted to have quilts made but alas, that is a cost for another day. It has come together nicely, even though there are a few things I'd love to add. There are ALWAYS things I want to add. I've come to learn this about myself. I'm never finished with a room.

Wall Color - Behr "Ballerina Pink" (130A-3), MS Home Depot "Pencil Yellow" (8185)
Wallpaper - Ferm Living "Dotty"
Bed - Walmart
Mirror - Vintage Find
Pillows - Home Goods, Pier 1 Imports, Target
Mini Suitcases - Amazon
Arm Chair - Vintage Find
Artwork - Handmade and Vintage Finds
Crystal Lamps & Swag Light - Vintage Finds
Dresser - Tai Pan (I gold foil'd that mother)
Curtains - Country Curtains
Plushies - Handmade, BlaBla
Bedding - IKEA (although I wanted PB or handmade from vintage chenille bedding)

21 September 2014



Pastel Tulle Netting - 6" Rolls (pink, peach, yellow, mint, aqua, lavender)
1" Elastic Piece - about 24" per skirt
Fabric Scrap - roughly 6"x24" I used a pale blue
Interfacing - cut about 5"x24"
Thread (to match fabric)
Straight Pins
Safety Pin - 2 Large
Sewing Machine
1" Ribbon - 4" long

1. Cut a 45" strip of each of the tulle colors x3.
2. Cut the Fabric and interfacing strips.
3. Cut the Elastic strip.
4. Lay out the fabric strip on a large, flat surface with the right side down. 
5. Lay out each tulle strip in order of the rainbow, side by side and overlapping each other about 2". Keep the center of the tulle strip over the fabric strip. The easiest way to do this is to fold a piece of tulle in half and place the folded edge in the center of the fabric strip's height, then unfold the tulle. You may have some left over pieces by the time you get to the end of the 24" strip of fabric. 
6. Place the interfacing strip on top of the tulle layer right over the fabric strip. You won't need to fuse it (iron it) to the tulle.
7. Pin a large safety pin to each end of your elastic strip and place that on top of the interfacing. 
8. Pin the outer left end to the edge of the fabric, interfacing and tulle layers.
9. Carefully fold the entire thing in half, keeping the elastic inside. This is the tricky part because it can't be done all at once, but rather sections at a time. The top should be the fabric outer layer with the fold at the top edge.
10. Then carefully fold under the fabric and interfacing layers and straight pin along the width of the skirt every few inches.
11. Once that side is pinned, gently flip it over and do the same on the other side, but use the same straight pin from the other side. You don't need double pins, but you do need both edges tucked under.
* This is where my non-sewing skills shine through, this is probably not the most effective way to do this but it works for me and my crafting-sewer skills. 
12. Sew along the pinned line, just 1/8" in from the folded under side. It won't matter which side you sew on, but choose one, and sew one big long straight line, taking out the pins as you go. Make sure you don't sew into the elastic. I sew about 1/2" away from the elastic to avoid that problem.
13. When this is complete, you can fish the elastic through, if needed. The interfacing keeps the path smooth and the pin makes it easier to fish through. If the elastic is long enough, and already shows through, proceed to gather the waistline by pulling the fabric band toward the left pinned edge.
14. When the waistband is at the desired width, bunched to create some fluff, take out the pulling pin side and pin it to secure the elastic to the skirt. 
15. Cut the excess elastic.
16. Sew the elastic to that edge and repeat for the left edge. Now you should have a bunched tulle strip with elastic inside and a fabric waistband.
17. Connect the ends by meeting up and sewing the two ends together, keeping the seem inside the waist. I finish it with ribbon folded over the ends and sewn (see bottom photo).
* See how I'm not really a seamstress? I am SURE there's a better way to do this but I have tried making tutus before and this has been my most successful one. The knotted one and full sheets of tulle were both a fail. I suppose you could say this DIY is for the non-sewer. It's really not too hard though. If I can do it, so can you.
18. Cut off the bottom to the desired length of skirt. Mine are cut to about 14" long. 

17 September 2014


How fun is this?!? Modify Ink has made it to the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Design Finalists. Please vote, and vote again. You can vote 6 times each day! It's such a fantastic creative resource and they really do deserve the praise!!

P.S. That's my house in the video.

Thanks in advance ;)

15 September 2014


I made pastel pony headbands and tutus for the party girl and her sister... and look at the giddiness! They were so excited for their friends to arrive and show off their fluffy rainbow outfits.

Pastel Tulle Netting - 6" Rolls (pink, peach, yellow, mint, aqua, lavender)
Covered Headbands - I found a variety pack of 4 at the dollar store
Felt - I used blue for rainbow dash and purple for twilight sparkle
Needle & Thread (to match felt)
Straight Pins

1. Cut a 12" strip of each of the tulle colors.
2. At the top center of the headband tie a pink 12" strip into a knot. Followed by a peach, then yellow, mint, aqua, blue, lavender... whatever colors you find, do them in order of the rainbow.
3. Gather them all into the center, and cut them evenly at about 4".
4. Cut two felt ears (see template below), wrap around the headband on each side of the tulle and pin.
5. Hand sew each ear with simple stitching keeping the knots inside the ears.
6. Cut down the tulle to the desired height. I cut mine to 2" long.


11 September 2014


I made a plastic straw wreath a while back. They're not terribly hard to make. My lovely friend Meg taught a bunch of us to make them from a tutorial she found. I'm not sure where, but there is a tutorial here. All you need is wire and plastic straws. Knock yourself out, you're sure to find a use for one!

It stayed white until I was party planning for the PASTEL RAINBOW DASH PARTY and wondered about spray painting it lightly with rainbow colors. Pastel of course. I already had pink, yellow and aqua so I found a baby blue, peach and green. The only color I was missing was a lavender but guess what?!... Once you spray the blue in one area, and the pink slightly over it, there's your lavender.

The over all trick to this is to lightly spray in one area at a time, holding the can a bit farther back than you normally would. Making your way all the way around the wreath with each color in order: blue, pink over blue (to get lavender), pink, peach, yellow, green, aqua. I did two coats and let the colors overlap slightly to get an ombre fading effect.

Very cute in the end. And rainbow decor always comes in handy for St. Patrick's Day.

08 September 2014


Tissue Paper
Packing Tape
MS Fringe Scissors (or scissors, but trust me, these fringe scissors are a worthwhile purchase.)

1. Lay out three pieces of tissue paper, open on a flat cutting surface.
2. Fold in half, and half again.
3. Cut along folds to equal fourths of the whole sheets.
4. Repeat for all your tissue pieces. *You can cut the desired amount for where you're hanging it up in the end. My tissue fringe is the width of the tissue paper and waterfalls down 16 rows to cover our counter height.
5. With three pieces at a time, cut fringe about 4" tall (about 1/2 of the height of your pieces of tissue).
6. Repeat until the desired amount is fringed. If you cut too much, you can always use this for future projects.
7. Put a strip of packing tape along the top edge (no fringe) and flip it so that the sticky side is UP.
8. Carefully lay the next piece on top of the taped edge so that the fringe is the only thing you see and the solid edge is on top.
9. Repeat, adding layers on top until you reach the desired height.
*If you used shorter strips of tape, flip the whole thing over and cover the empty spaces with tape. This adds strength and keeps the back from snagging on things.