28 April 2014


There were lots of hand made items in this party. All easy to do. Refer to the party plan posting for more details. Below is a more complete look at a few of the decorations and food that went into this party.

I taped three of these to the ceiling to provide some movement and icy color. I used another for a table runner.

Crepe Paper Sheets
Food Coloring
Pie Tin (shallow) and Bowl (deep)
Wax Paper
Scissors - I used Fringe Scissors

1. Unwrap one package but don't unravel the crepe paper. It will be roll folded, right out of the package.
2. Fill a pie tin with 1 inch of water and 1-2 drops of food coloring. I used blue for an icy effect.
3. Fill a deeper bowl (I used Easter egg bowls for dying eggs) with about 2-3" of water and add 1 drop of the same color. *You can color mix, depending on your party theme and color palette. I used blue again so that the shorter ends would be slightly darker than the extended color.
4. Dip one edge into the shallow pan, soak up some color and then dip that same edge into the deeper bowl.
5. Lay it flat onto a sheet of wax paper.
6. Repeat for the second package of crepe paper. *You may need to add more water/dye.
7. Repeat this for as many as packages that you have.
8. Go back to the first bundle and dip the other edge, first in the shallow and then in the deep. *Be careful to keep the dye from dripping into the middle.
9. Let all of the bundles dry completely.
10. Unroll each bundle, one at a time and fold in half.
11. Fringe cut the edges. I use Martha Stewart's Fringe scissors. They can't handle too many layers of crepe paper at one time, so that's why I fold it in half.
*If you use regular scissors, you could probably fold it a few times to cut down on the cutting.

Computer and Printer
Xacto Knife and Cutting Board
Small Hole Punch
Wax Paper
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

1. Create a pennant banner in Illustrator by forming a triangle and repeating it for each letter of your banner phrase.
2. Type out your phrase, outline it, ungroup it and separate each letter for each triangle.
3. Gang up your triangles and print. Generally, three fit on an 81/2"x11"
4. Cut each and lay them out, ready to string.
5. Take the first 3 letters and punch small holes into each of the top corners.
6. Repeat the process until all triangles have punches. I like to use the first one as a guide to keep the holes in the same place each time.
7. Carefully glue the long edges and place on wax paper, then cover the glue with glitter. Shake off the glitter and set aside to dry.
8. Repeat for all the letters.
9. Once they are completely dry, string them all together, going through the last letter (string into the top side first) and leaving about 10" of string at that end to tie a knot. *I string them so that the back shows the majority of the string.
10. When you get to the last letter, tie it off with a knot.
11. Space the letters and hot glue each of the backs to the string.
* If you don't have a computer with Illustrator, you can print this and hand write large letters on each triangle.

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