25 November 2014


Felt - 2 fall colors
Felt Balls - fall colors
Acorn Caps
Embroidery Thread & Needle
Hot Glue
String or twine

1. Cut fall leaves (see template below), two per guest
2. Hot glue felt balls into acorn caps
3. Embroidery names on top leaf
4. Hot glue base of second leaf to the back of the top one. This hides the threading on the backside of the top leaf. I offset mine a bit.
5. Add knotted string to the acorns if you'd like to tie it around a napkin.
6. Hot glue the acorns to the base of the leaves.

Free Fall Leaf Printable

21 November 2014


Thankgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love autumn time for the colors, the cooler temperature, the opportunity to wear layers, boots and cozy scarves. This time is all around lovely to me... And then winter hits and I'm afraid.

But my Thanksgiving decorations are slim. They always have been. So once again, I try to add a little more each year.

Within the last few years I've made an acorn garland and wreath. I've put together a couple pedestals with old plates and brass goblets. I've made gold tipped glittered feathers, and I've found a few flea market items that have all contributed to my decorations for Thanksgiving... Getting there.

This year, I made a feather garland and a teepee with peg people. I need to give props to the original source for these adorable little people. I could never make them as perfectly as they do and if I had the money I'd just buy them. But I also pride myself on making things with my own two hands. So I won't offer a DIY tutorial since these are purchasable. This is just to show how mine turned out.

*I have learned that as I get older, my eyes are getting worse and my hands are more shaky... I have a deep appreciation for people who carry on their skills and talents into their later years. My grandmother was one that comes to mind. She used to paint dishes and I remember when she finally stopped. It was so sad to me, but I now understand why. It's hard to continue with pride when you can see that your skills are slipping. But all that said, she was still one of my best sources of creative inspiration as a kid. Thank you Grandma Wright!! xoxo

03 November 2014


Feathers are so lovely and simple... the perfect accent for Thanksgiving decorations.
I made a garland with feathers that I had on hand from previous crafts so this was quickly made, but can be just as easily done by purchasing a few different feathers. Any leftovers are sure to be utilized in future projects.

3-6 different types of feathers (sources here, and here)
White Goose Feathers (here)
Sponge Brush or Flat Tp Brush
Gold Glitter
Martha Stewart Gold Paint
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
Wax Paper

1. Lay out the twine at the length that works for you. I like 4' garlands as they work well in door ways and on mantles.
2. Organize your feathers in a pattern that you like. Be sure to start your first feather about 7" from the edge of the twine end.
3. Hot Glue each feather to the twine.
4. Lay out some wax paper under a few white feathers. Paint the tips of the white feathers.
5. Sprinkle a bit of gold glitter over the gold paint. Let dry.
6. Cut a rounded edge on each of the gold tipped feathers.