06 May 2014


My little artist loves to create booklets and drawings of Elsa (or whoever she's into at the moment) and wanted to be a part of the decorations for her party. So I hung up all of her artwork on a big bare wall and criss-crossed two tassel garlands above them.

You can find lots of tutorials for tassel garlands, I found a great one here but after making one myself, I have a few *tidbits to add.
* I wanted to use iridescent cellophane along with a couple of other colors. It's a material that promotes lots of static so it took some getting used to. It doesn't twist as well either.
* I also found that after twisting the top, a dab of hot glue is nice to ensure the twist stays together.
* I also didn't want the tassels to move around on strand so I hot glued them into place after spacing them.

Tissue Paper - I used three separate colors of 20"x20" sheets (the iridescent is slightly smaller). One sheet can make two (full) tassels or four (thinner) tassels. In the end I had 12 tassels to space out (roughly every 4") on the string.
String - I used a 4' long strand of iridescent string that was part of a Michael's $1 pack of trimmings. I found something similar here.
Scissors - P.S. those fringe scissors don't work for this. They do work if you want a short tassel, but the scissors only cut 2"-3" fringe so your tassel size will be about 4" in the end.
Hot Glue Gun
* Optional - washi tape

1. Fold one piece of tissue paper in half, fold it in half again, and a third time.

2. Cut the fringe strips starting from the open bottom edge, each strip about 1/4" wide. Cutting almost to the top (about 1.5" from the folded top edge).
3. At this point you can get two-four pieces by cutting down the "long" folded sides (the long side is the fringe so you'd only be cutting through the 1.5" space.
4. Unfold and lay flat (top iridescent photo).
5. Roll the entire fringed sheet from the center. With the iridescent I glue to keep it rolled.
6. twist from the middle and create a loop around your finger. Glue to ensure the loop stays twisted.
7. *For an added decorative, you can use washi tape over the twist.
8. String onto string and space out. Glue to keep them in place if desired.

I wanted a glittered #6. I noticed this on PInterest and tried it. Woop-woop it works.

Parchment Paper - Make sure you use parchment paper instead of wax paper.
Hot Glue Gun
Tooth Picks/Skewers - Depending on how tall you want it.
Sprinkles/Glitter/Confetti - Whatever material you want to cover your topper with.

1. Draw a shape or number with the hot glue gun right onto a sheet parchment paper.
2. Place the toothpick into the glue and redo the shape with glue. *If you want the stick to be a different color, dye the toothpicks first with food color dye.
3. Sprinkle glitter all over the glue. Let dry.
4. Gently peal from the parchment paper and turn it over.
5. Repeat the process on the back side so that glitter is on both sides. Let dry.

Our girls birthday parties always include a craft of some kind. We've painted wood letters (that was messy), we've made wood peg dollies, and paper dolls (that was a hit). This little packet of beads was another hit. I gathered a variety of sparkly beads for them to make their own bracelets.

Variety of 16mm Beads - (here, here, here, and here)
Stretch String
Washi Tape
Small Cello Baggies

1. Load each baggie with 13-14 beads.
2. Wrap 10" of stretch string into a circle around three of your fingers. Keep it together with a small bit of washi tape.
3. Fold baggie over and seal. Place a bit of washi tape over the seal.
4. Write each guests name on the washi tape.

All ready for each guest to make their own little bracelet. Keep the scissors handy, they'll need help tying a knot and cutting off.

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