20 May 2015


The school year is wrapping up and it's time to say THANK YOU to our dear teachers that love and support our kids for nine months of the year. My first grader really went through a mighty transition. I've got to hand it to her (and her teachers!) for surviving many lost teeth, full-day school, real homework, and Spanish. I'm not sure I fully understand how these teachers do what they do, but they do it well and I'm a grateful mom. My preschooler has had her own challenges and her teachers have guided her with such thoughtfulness.

This year, I utilized my excessive amounts of mason jars and filled them with salted caramel chocolates (my favorite forbidden treat). And oops... I (over)bought a 5 lb bag... oh fret. Holy Yummy Balls.

Mason Jars
Kraft Paper
Sticker Paper
Fiskers Punch or Scissors

1. Clean and dry jar completely then fill it with whatever treat you'd like.
2. Use the top of the lid to trace circles on kraft paper and cut out the circles.
3. Insert the kraft circles on top of the insert lid, and screw on the outer lid.
4. Print the printable labels and tags onto sticker paper, or kraft or regular paper.
5. Cut out as instructed on the printable.
6. Affix the label to the top and wrap twine around the neck of the jar.

Happy Almost Summer!

12 May 2015


A girlfriend is having a baby boy and loves the great outdoors so a camper shower is in order.

At first, I wanted to have an outdoor, blanket dinner with strung lights, a long wood plank of a table and lanterns. I still want to do that, but the weather has been iffy so I'll save that for a warm summer night to come.

Instead, I stuck with stoneware dishes, gold flatware, flax linens, fir, pinecones, golden tin cans, vintage camping lanterns and mountain oil paintings. I was able to use several things from my Thanksgiving decoration stash, like the feather garland and pinecone garlands. I already had a burlap runner. I made some place setting labels, party favors and a few more simple decorations and called it good.

Below is my party plan that I worked from. I'll post some photos and DIY soon.

04 May 2015


The awaited day... May 4th. Everyone from ├╝ber geek that is dressing up as a Stormtrooper, to the casual fan, has something to say about Star Wars.

Like so many others that grew up in the 70s, experienced the real Star Wars IV A New Hope... that movie changed e v e r y t h i n g. It changed the way I played with friends, my interest in boys, my sense of humor. I was seven and in love.

I went from playing with Barbies to collecting trading cards, running around the forrest with friends waving long sticks around, I had a poster on my wall of Han, my best friend had Luke on her wall. I'd make Chewbacca sounds with my school desk to get a laugh, I'd repeat lines from the movie, which was most likely the start of my childhood career in quoting movie lines... it was and still is deeply rooted in me. I suppose it sounds as if I should be dressing up on May 4th. I don't go that far. But I do have a fond appreciation for Star Wars geeks. Because honestly, I'm not that far off.

I kinda feel sorry for those people that are so young that all they know is Star Wars I, II, and III. Revenge of the Sith, Attack of the Clones and Phantom Menace are just embarrassing compared to what we experienced in the 70s. And you can bet your boots, I'm eagerly awaiting a redemption in VII, The Force Awakens. But before then, I'll watch them all... because, you know... it's important to be refreshed and ready.