31 May 2013


One of my FAVORITE of all favorite things to do is to go to estate sales. I usually go with my girlfriend Chris, she's an estate sale pro. We try to hit them on Friday mornings if at all  possible between our busy schedules.

I used to think going to an estate sale would make me sad, walking into someones home and looking through their things... purchasing a little bit of their life. But I look at it differently now. I see the photos on their walls and their clothes in their closets and I can't help but wander through their home (it's not a house, it's a home) and think of them. Whoever they were. I think of their family and the life they lived. I don't know these people that have passed on but I find it sentimental in a sweet way, not a sad way. And undoubtedly I find some amazing little bit in their home that I want to bring to my home. And then forever more, I'll look at that something and think about that person who I really know nothing about, but in my mind they were a beautiful person and lived a beautiful life and I thank them for sharing their little something.

Here are a few finds. Some of them remind me of my childhood. We actually owned a sheriff bear cookie jar as a kid, so to see one again brought a big smile.

12 May 2013


It's a morning like any other, my oldest comes to my side of the bed after getting no response from daddy. She wakes me with a complaint of some sort. She's not getting a "Quiet Morning" sticker, oh well. The other one starts to stir needing a Kleenex and a diaper change and my poor husband is in a deep NyQuil sleep. I have a house full of sickies.

But my heart is full when I look at their little faces eating their oatmeal and talking about this and that. It makes me grateful to be a mom even though it's not a day of breakfast in bed and flowers, like it's marketed to be.

It makes me so very thankful for the beautiful examples of motherhood in my life, my mom, my sisters, sisters-in-law, mother-in-law, my friends and their mothers who have all influenced me in some way. Each with their unique approach to caring that I want to adopt.

I am a watcher. I can't help but enjoy seeing how you all cuddle with your babies, play with your little ones, talk to your teens and relate to your adult kids. I hope I can be even an ounce of what you all are as mothers. You truly inspire me, I love you and I thank you.

I am also grateful for my husband. Because honestly without him, none of it is possible. He helped me bring them into this world and he helps me each day to not only do my job but enjoy my job. It's a package deal, and I'm grateful I have my own little package. It could be so different, I know it is for many others.

This mom is truly blessed.

07 May 2013


My daughter turned five and I'm trying to catch up on all of the to-do's that went into making her FAIRY PARTY happen. I had planned to have it outside and decorate with string lights, puff ball garlands, fairy houses and such. I wanted the craft table to be outside. But it rained the entire day so I had to adjust my thoughts and decorate inside. We had 14 kids and a handful of adults to help out. The craft table was set up in our living room and the kids could craft or play outside once the rain stopped, eat snacks and cupcakes.

I planned for an afternoon party so our food was snacky, mostly from Trader Joe's. Lots of "twigs" (pretzels) and various berries, nuts and dried fruits. My sister-in-law (she's highly skilled in the kitchen) made the most adorable mini cupcakes that were not only adorable but irresistible. They were small and easy to pop in your mouth, not as messy as full sized cupcakes. It made it all too easy to eat 8+ cupcakes that afternoon. I also put out mini bottled water and Izzi's on ice.

The table was set up with paper doll cut outs, glue dots, pens, crayons and embellishments to create their own fairies. The boys didn't go for this at all, since the rain stopped, they were happy to play outside. The girls loved the paper dolls though and took great care with their crafts.

I made a few garlands to hang from various door ways, and windows. One was a "Stellabration" sign I printed up and strung on some twine and put glitter along the bottom edge. I also had a rag garland (tutorial), and a leaf ribbon and wool felt ball garland (tutorial to come). I blew up several balloons and strung fishing line, hung them upside down, along with the tinkerbell and friends toys that we have. I also strung some daisy strands and a moss covered No. 5 (tutorial). I had two 36" balloons with tassels attached. My fairy house (tutorial) was meant to be outside, but looked so cute inside with some stepping stones and moss all around it. I also had a chalkboard sign saying "Fairies Welcome" hand written by my father-in-law. Everything looks better when he writes it.

Each of the boys and girls got a little burlap bag filled with goodies. The girls got a Tinkerbell rubber stamp and fairy tattoos, a mini bottle of pixie dust, a butterfly ring and a chocolate mushroom. The boys got several chocolate coins. I wanted the bags to hang from the trees outside, but instead I hung from a vase full of branches... still cute.

The boys also got pirate swords and the girls got wings and fairy wands. These were all $2 items from Target's party section. I did add to the wands by adding more ribbon and a little bell so it would "tinker".