17 April 2013


My little big girl is turning five and she loves Periwinkle. She likes Tinkerbell too, but mostly she loves Periwinkle. Probably because Peri is named after her favorite color. That's what happens when you're the product of two designers, you don't just like blue.... or green... or purple, you like PERIWINKLE.

So when that movie came out (Secret of the Wings) you can be she flipped a lid. I broadened her party a bit to Peri, Tink and all of the fairy friends. We're going to make paper dolls for the craft. They'll get lots of nuts and berries for snacks and of course a pair of wings and a wand.

Up until the party and after, I'll post a few of the fixings created to make this party a fairy land. I already made the fairy house a while back... remember that? A whole day of hot glue and sticks!

Craft Moss
Cardboard Cutout
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

 I used a thick cardstock, like from a cereal box, and cut out a number five. I punched out two holes at the top and tied fishing line to it so I could hang it. Then I hot Glued moss all over, starting at one end and working to the other. Super easy.

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