08 September 2014


Tissue Paper
Packing Tape
MS Fringe Scissors (or scissors, but trust me, these fringe scissors are a worthwhile purchase.)

1. Lay out three pieces of tissue paper, open on a flat cutting surface.
2. Fold in half, and half again.
3. Cut along folds to equal fourths of the whole sheets.
4. Repeat for all your tissue pieces. *You can cut the desired amount for where you're hanging it up in the end. My tissue fringe is the width of the tissue paper and waterfalls down 16 rows to cover our counter height.
5. With three pieces at a time, cut fringe about 4" tall (about 1/2 of the height of your pieces of tissue).
6. Repeat until the desired amount is fringed. If you cut too much, you can always use this for future projects.
7. Put a strip of packing tape along the top edge (no fringe) and flip it so that the sticky side is UP.
8. Carefully lay the next piece on top of the taped edge so that the fringe is the only thing you see and the solid edge is on top.
9. Repeat, adding layers on top until you reach the desired height.
*If you used shorter strips of tape, flip the whole thing over and cover the empty spaces with tape. This adds strength and keeps the back from snagging on things.

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