05 September 2014


My littlest adores Rainbow Dash. The My Little Pony that is BLUE... that's the one for her. We don't watch the cartoons, but the toys don't sass, so they're allowed. As her 4th birthday approached, we knew we would be creating a rainbow party.

We've been to other rainbow parties and My Little Pony parties with a real pony to ride... but we of course wanted to make this party a wee bit new = PASTEL Rainbow Dash Party.

I'm over baking, so I ordered cupcakes once the color palette was decided. Then I started creating and purchasing items for the party favors. Because I work on several projects at the same time (a little bit here, a little bit there until it's finished), I was making decorations and party favor items for the next month or so. And the biggie, I made a pinata for this party. My first one. It was a 4. Aaaand it's smashed to smithereens now. That's a bit hard to watch ;)

White box with pastel yarn wrapped around and a name tag hot glued to the top of the box with each child's name. Contents: Pastel Pony, Pastel Mini Slinky, Ribbon Ring, Ribbon Barrett, Pastel Personalized Bracelets

Fruit Skewers, Pastel Marshmallows, Marshmallow Pops, Cupcakes, Apple Juice

Rainbow Taped Wall, Dyed Bottles, Dyed Cake Pedestals, Pastel Paper Garlands and Drops, Name Banner, Crepe Paper Fringe

Face Painting, Pinata

I'll pass along a few DIY projects and things soon.

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