11 September 2014


I made a plastic straw wreath a while back. They're not terribly hard to make. My lovely friend Meg taught a bunch of us to make them from a tutorial she found. I'm not sure where, but there is a tutorial here. All you need is wire and plastic straws. Knock yourself out, you're sure to find a use for one!

It stayed white until I was party planning for the PASTEL RAINBOW DASH PARTY and wondered about spray painting it lightly with rainbow colors. Pastel of course. I already had pink, yellow and aqua so I found a baby blue, peach and green. The only color I was missing was a lavender but guess what?!... Once you spray the blue in one area, and the pink slightly over it, there's your lavender.

The over all trick to this is to lightly spray in one area at a time, holding the can a bit farther back than you normally would. Making your way all the way around the wreath with each color in order: blue, pink over blue (to get lavender), pink, peach, yellow, green, aqua. I did two coats and let the colors overlap slightly to get an ombre fading effect.

Very cute in the end. And rainbow decor always comes in handy for St. Patrick's Day.

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