27 March 2012


I've been working on my sister-in-law's home with her and her husband. They recently purchased a beautiful Arts & Crafts home near by. It came equipped with terrible paint in every room and plenty of space to beautify. Needless to say, we're having fun giving each room renewed life and style.

They have a bit of a earthy, minimal, and textural style and a nice collection of mid-century modern furniture. We want to add to that with a touch of Industrial, and Victorian. They like muted blues and greens, feminine mixed with masculine, they like wool, and felt... they like what I like.

All of the rooms need paint, some need wallpaper, most need furniture. I started by collecting snippets of products and style ideas and applying them to style boards for each room. For their nursery, I had several thoughts... too many thoughts because to me, a nursery is the perfect room to do something very different from the rest of the home. I've included them here, and as many of the references as I could find for each.

A bit of Hollywood Regency and a few birdies amount to a beautifully feminine space for a baby girl. I'm not much for pink for girls because it's a bit obvious, but in this case, it's really sweet to me to have pale pink mixed with gold and accented with pale greens and blues. Paint metal items gold and/or gold foil vintage Victorian frames for a bulletin board. A gold pouf and mirrored dresser along with a very girlie vintage chandelier. A few handmade bird houses on the wall and various knitted or sewn birdies could make a cute mobile. Maggie & Sparrow has a beautiful option. A grey rug with a graphic pattern and a simple glider. White iron crib RHBaby. Birdcage memo holder available at The Orchard. Bird print by Matte Stephens.

I was originally inspired by a homeschooling room from Mandy Lynne. Decorating with vintage globes, suitcases (photo credit: Mollypop) and typewriter, Victorian frame turned to bulletin board or chalkboard, needlepoint footstool, and wire baskets for storage. Vintage Fisher Price Schoolhouse (etsy) and peoples in Vintage wood wall shelf (photo credit: bunnyfrogs). Doily garland (by anemonecomms) and soft toys (by Cleo & Poppy and blabla). Quilt by Maggie & Sparrow. Clock and lighting by Schoolhouse Electric. Furnishing with Millbrook Iron Crib (RHBaby). Hannah Nicole Glider (Sears). Vintage schoolchair/desk (Modern50). Painted Victorian dresser for a Changing table.

As a mom of two girls many of my ideas lean to the feminine but I tend to like boy things. Boy shoes for instance. My girls wear boy shoes until they figure out that their shoes are boy shoes. Then I have to surrender to the sparkle. A room based on foxes could go for boys or girls. I love the kick of color and the opportunity to combine masculine with feminine in color, texture and style.

This is a great opportunity for a vintage Mid-century dresser/changing table. The Daddy Glider has clean lines and is complimented by a textural knitted pouf. A vintage school chair and teak crib. Harlequin wallpaper by Ferm Living. Socks the Fox by Blabla. Lighting by Sect Design and handmade fox plushies. I'm a huge fan of Maggie & Sparrow's quilts. And an even huger fan of  Djeco's Scouic Fox pull toy designed by Marc Boutavant.

I love clouds and rain. Maybe it's the Portland in me. I miss those days when it would rain for 20 minutes and then get sunny for an hour then rain for a half hour and then sunny for 4 hours.... Clouds coming and going is comforting to me. Mellow weather feels like a good concept for a baby's nursery. This one is my favorite, actually.

I recall seeing the "I will be grateful for this day" poster on etsy a while back and loving the subtle colors and rain drops. I love the idea of small white string lights and fluffy white ruffle curtains. Vintage tin bins for storage and a Rain Cloud Mobile by The Butter Flying. This would be a nice place for a damask wallpaper or fabric for the bumper, flokati rug and warm wood furniture. The Little Dorm shelf by Ferm Living. Drum light by West Elm. Glider by Olio. Cloud pillow by BlaBla Kids. I also love the idea of white string lights to offer unpredictable lighting. Bird print by deka-Animals. Umbrella charm by Jade Scott.

Sheep mobile by Gifts Define. Wood Sheep by Plan Toys. Myles Glider available through Layla Grayce. DIY IKEA painted shelving. Cloud B Sleep Sheep. Sheep Crib Bedding by Land of Nod. Flokati pouf. Budding Crystal Chandelier by Anthropologie.

Inspired by the colors in my grandmother's garden with a variety of lush greens and vibrant pink, yellow, orange and blue. I love the Garden Rug from from Land of Nod. It has all of the colors that I remember from the hot summer days I spent on her farm in Northern California. Quilt by A Beau Ideal using "a mix of Heather Bailey lines for the fabric including Nicey Jane, Pop Garden and Bijoux." Also in the mix are vintage tin bins and mirrors from old window panes. Garden knobs for wall hooks and wire baskets for book and toy storage. Vintage side chair along with a lovely glider by Petit Nest. Yellow metal crib and side table. Snail art by Matte Stephens. Felted snail by Muddy Feet. Olive linen curtains by Crate & Barrel.

Wire storage bins, wire baskets and crib by Restoration Hardware. Lighting by Anthropologie. Quilt by Maggie & Sparrow. The baby's name in string art inspired by Dominique Falla. Painted Victorian table for a changing area or small dresser. Vintage letters and Fisher Price circus toys. Animal art by Lisa Jones Studio. Table lamp available through Swank Lighting. Pouf DIY through DesignSponge. Carter Glider by Room & Board. Jute rug from Rosenberry Rooms.

Brown flokati rug. Stump side table from West Elm. Quilt by Maggie & Sparrow. Langley Floral wallpaper by Ralph Lauren. Dupioni silk curtains. Vintage Iron crib, Matteo linen bedding, and Capiz pendant by Layla Grayce. Neutral colored tufted glider. Vintage wood wall shelf for small decorative items like a mushroom collection and little forest critters. Soft toys like hedgehogs, bunnies, and chipmunks. Hand crafted items like felted mushrooms in a teacup, felted acorns could be turned into a mobile. Jonathan Adler Squirrel. Gorgeous brown lace for a pillow and soft quilted pouf all make for a textural and soft woodland room.

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