16 March 2012


I'm impressed with the style of a new restaurant in town, Pallet
http://cityhomecollective.com/blog/pallet-wait-over/ on 400 West and Pierpont. Design led by: Cody Derrick of City Home Collective. Owners: Rocky Derrick and Drew Estman.

Pierpont is the home of a few of my favorites from the past and present. We often wander into Elemente to see what furniture and other finds have made their way there. There used to be a great soup shop there, now gone. Such is the story all too often of businesses in Salt Lake City. I have high hopes for Pallet. I haven't eaten there yet but I am truly tempted if only to see their gorgeous restroom. Black wallpaper and vintage light bulbs... Must see more!

From the photos on City Home Collective's site, I see that if the food tastes as wonderful as the restaurant looks, it will be a new favorite. Maybe they could work on their restaurant website next. eatpallet.com

Stay tuned. I'll let you know when we go.

All photo credits go to Eric Russell.

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