20 March 2012


My lovely friend Shawni and her husband Dave have five amazing kids. I have never met these beautiful kids, but I know they're amazing because they belong to two of the most wonderful people I know. Their littlest, Lucy struggles with vision and next weekend they're walking to earn funds.

If you have the means, please join in supporting them. They truly are an inspiring family. I love them dearly, and even though we don't live near them, I'm sure they can feel the love and support. For more information about Lucy you can read Shawni's blog here.

From Shawni's blog: "Please follow this link for more information about the walk. Follow this link to join our "I Love Lucy" team on March 31st. There is no charge for walking with us and there are all kinds of fun things for kids set up where the walk takes place. If you cannot join us for the walk but would like to make a donation to help fight Lucy's specific type of blindness, click here."

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