21 June 2014


Wood Beads
Variety of Acrylic Paints - Gold. Florescent.
Paint Brush
Masking Tape
Chopsticks (to put the bead on while painting)
Styrofoam (to stick the chopsticks in to dry)
Spray Sealant
String or Twine (to make a necklace or bracelet)

1. Put a bead on a chopstick end and paint it.
* If you'd like a clean edge or a pattern use masking tape to tape it off.
2. Keep it on the chopstick and poke the other end into a styrofoam piece to dry.
3. Repeat for the quantity of desired beads.
4. Once dry, spray with a clear matte sealant.
5. Once dry, thread beads and tie off at desired length.

- Jewelry - They're fun necklaces and bracelets for girls parties.
- Key Chain - String a few on a strand of leather.
- Luggage Tag
- Kids Counting Games
- Party Decorations - String on gold thread and hang from the ceiling, String to create a garland, or put a bunch in clear glass containers.

16 June 2014


We went to Disneyland a while back... first timers. I wanted a purse that my girls could wear instead of carry. I shopped around but it proved a challenge to find one with a long strap and the right size to fit a notebook inside. So I made them.

I also made them a Golden Book Frozen covered notebook to collect princess autographs. My daughters found these little Frozen charms on our first day there (attached to the zipper pulls). And I wanted to use felt balls to make the zipper easier to pull.

I'm not even going to post a pattern because this was a last minute situation... and I fumbled through it. My first zippers and all. But they turned out cute, but let's be honest, anything made with Heather Ross fabric is bound to be cute. I'm a fan.

While we spent time in line and even at night before bed, our girls drew sweet little drawings of each princess to coordinating with their signatures. I loved that. It made for a good memory book for them.