31 July 2014


I use these little bitties for lots of things. They're great for gift wrapping (around a craft package). They're cute in a kids room within a gallery wall of art. They're great over a bulletin board, or doorway. Fun for party decorations, and little girls play houses... the uses go on and on. And they're easy to make.

Variety of Felt
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Machine

1. First I go through my felt scrap bag to see if I can salvage anything there. I gather a few colors, anywhere from 3-5. This would be cute in one color too, actually.
2. Cut little triangles, equal in size and amounts of each color. Line them up as you cut so you can see how long it will be. Keep going until you reach your desired length.
3. Then sew them together by stitching about 1/8" in from the top of the triangle, one after the other.
4. I always leave about 6"of thread dangling from each end and tie off the ends with a knot.
5. Ready to hang.

17 July 2014


My kids love craft time, but honestly, we're running out of simple crafts for the kids.

The Disney Store Pea in a Pod plushies are on their want list so...It's no surprise when a request for a Pea in a Pod craft evolved into ME making little felt plushies for them. After this, I started pinning more simple crafts to add to the pool of options ;)

They turned out so cute though, so... well worth the time for the smiles in return. And they're a nice substitute until they can earn enough of their own money to buy them at the Disney Store. Or perhaps these will suffice and they'll cross that item off their list ;) That ever growing want list in their heads.

I opted to keep it simple and not make these with a zipper, but of course, you could do this any way you want, with or without a zipper. With or without a sewing machine. I chose to hand sew with embroidery thread.

Felt - Three different greens
Embroidery Thread - 1 green to match the peas, 1 green to match the pod, Black and pale pink
Pink Powdered Eye Shadow
Small Paint Brush
Zipper - To Match (optional)

1. Cut six circles all the same size out of the same color of green. These will be the three peas. I use the lighter green for the peas. I'm providing a template below, but FYI the peas are the same size as the inside circle of a mason jar lid.

2. Cut the pods (2) in the same color. I use the mid tone green for the pod.
3. Cut the stems (2) in the same color. I use the darkest green for the stem.
*While cutting felt, I also made several circle templates on paper so my kids could draw the faces. This kept them involved in the craft for the first little while.

4. Once all of the pieces are cut, I drew in the faces slightly on the felt. It's hard for kids to draw in pencil on felt and you don't want pencil lines to show up so I just did this quickly.

5. EYES: Divide 1 piece of black embroidery thread into 3 strands, for the eyes (There are 6 to begin with, I used 3 strands), thread the needle, pull the ends together and knot. When I make eyes, I poke first from the backside, pull it through, knot and then embroider over the knot to give it some bulge. Be careful not to make it a nubby knot that is easy to pick off.

6. MOUTH: Divide 1 piece of pale pink embroidery thread into 3 strands, thread the needle, pull the ends together and knot. Poke from the backside on one end of the mouth and make small stitches close to each other. Each pea has a slightly different "smile" line.

7. PEAS: Divide 1 piece of green embroidery thread (to match the peas) into 2 strands, thread the needle, DON'T pull both ends together, just knot the longest end. Poke from the inside about 1/8" from the edge of one circle, then through the inside of the other circle... stitch along that line all the way around the circle, leaving about 1" opening. Put a small bit of stuffing inside and complete the stitching all the way around to close the pea.

8. POD: Divide 1 piece of green embroidery thread (to match the pod) into 2 strands, thread the needle, DON'T pull both ends together, just knot the longest end. Follow the starting point on the pattern, smaller end first, working around the bottom of the pod. When you get to the stem side of the pod, layer on the stem pieces, one on each side and sew through all four pieces of felt all the way around the stem. Make your final knot on the inside of the pod under the stem.
*I had my oldest try a little of the stitching and she did pretty good. For the most part though, this is a mom project.

9. Add blush to the peas (optional) for little cheeks. I used some pink eyeshadow and a stiffer small paintbrush, dabbing a little bit at a time. Just below the eyes and out slightly.

In the end it's an open top pod to hold the three little peas. Happy Peas. Happy Kids.

Print at 100% and cut each piece.

14 July 2014


We actually went to Disneyland back in February but truth be told, our computer overloaded with photos and I was behind on unloading the camera for months. No bother, EVERY SEASON IS DISNEY SEASON, right?

I put this together for the flight to keep the kids entertained and it worked... for a good 2 hours. You can also see the purses and autograph books I made here.

Mini Suitcases - Target
Art Packet - Target
Vintage Disneyland Postcards + Postcard Stamps - handmade (see below)
Pencil Case - Dollar Store crayons, pens, and pencils
Snacks - fruit snacks, dumdum and raisins

Other fun ideas to add:
Disposable camera
Mini Play-dough
Colored pipe cleaners
Disneyland Map

Print on Cardstock, cut, fold and paste.

01 July 2014


I had a few requests for more paper dolls! When I first did these, they were for my daughter's Fairy Birthday Party.

Since then, The Pirate Fairy released. So we have to have Zarina. And sadly, last time, I wasn't able to do Vidia or Fawn, so those are added as well. Have fun!

Print on 8.5"x11" and Cut