31 July 2014


I use these little bitties for lots of things. They're great for gift wrapping (around a craft package). They're cute in a kids room within a gallery wall of art. They're great over a bulletin board, or doorway. Fun for party decorations, and little girls play houses... the uses go on and on. And they're easy to make.

Variety of Felt
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Machine

1. First I go through my felt scrap bag to see if I can salvage anything there. I gather a few colors, anywhere from 3-5. This would be cute in one color too, actually.
2. Cut little triangles, equal in size and amounts of each color. Line them up as you cut so you can see how long it will be. Keep going until you reach your desired length.
3. Then sew them together by stitching about 1/8" in from the top of the triangle, one after the other.
4. I always leave about 6"of thread dangling from each end and tie off the ends with a knot.
5. Ready to hang.

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