15 September 2014


I made pastel pony headbands and tutus for the party girl and her sister... and look at the giddiness! They were so excited for their friends to arrive and show off their fluffy rainbow outfits.

Pastel Tulle Netting - 6" Rolls (pink, peach, yellow, mint, aqua, lavender)
Covered Headbands - I found a variety pack of 4 at the dollar store
Felt - I used blue for rainbow dash and purple for twilight sparkle
Needle & Thread (to match felt)
Straight Pins

1. Cut a 12" strip of each of the tulle colors.
2. At the top center of the headband tie a pink 12" strip into a knot. Followed by a peach, then yellow, mint, aqua, blue, lavender... whatever colors you find, do them in order of the rainbow.
3. Gather them all into the center, and cut them evenly at about 4".
4. Cut two felt ears (see template below), wrap around the headband on each side of the tulle and pin.
5. Hand sew each ear with simple stitching keeping the knots inside the ears.
6. Cut down the tulle to the desired height. I cut mine to 2" long.


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