23 September 2014


My girls room is entered in the Apartment Therapy's Room For Color contest. Please help me out with a vote by clicking on the ad to the right or here. It's such a sweet little, fancy room and I'm happy to see it getting some play on the fabulous Apartment Therapy.

This is the style sheet I used when planning it. I really wanted to have quilts made but alas, that is a cost for another day. It has come together nicely, even though there are a few things I'd love to add. There are ALWAYS things I want to add. I've come to learn this about myself. I'm never finished with a room.

Wall Color - Behr "Ballerina Pink" (130A-3), MS Home Depot "Pencil Yellow" (8185)
Wallpaper - Ferm Living "Dotty"
Bed - Walmart
Mirror - Vintage Find
Pillows - Home Goods, Pier 1 Imports, Target
Mini Suitcases - Amazon
Arm Chair - Vintage Find
Artwork - Handmade and Vintage Finds
Crystal Lamps & Swag Light - Vintage Finds
Dresser - Tai Pan (I gold foil'd that mother)
Curtains - Country Curtains
Plushies - Handmade, BlaBla
Bedding - IKEA (although I wanted PB or handmade from vintage chenille bedding)

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