17 January 2014


I was asked to sew up some burp cloths for the new moms in the neighborhood. Recalling those spit-up days...I wanted an absorbent fabric, sweet pattern and a contoured shape.

Many of the DIY burp cloths you see online are cute and all but the grossness slides right down cotton quilting prints. So when you sew a the patterned fabric to the rectangle cloth diapers (the absorbent part), nothing soaks in. And those ultra soft fabrics like dimple dots don't actually absorb as much as you'd think. Terry cloth is absorbent but it's thick and messy to sew on because it sheds, plus it's not as soft. I even did an absorbancy test on Kokka fabrics because there are so many sweet prints, but alas, not absorbent enough. So I settled on flannel.

Cute flannels are harder to come by than cotton quilting prints. I'm not talking about cutesie baby fabrics. That's what I find at Joann's (No surprise there. Somebody tell me who that buyer is so I can T.P. her house)

Online was my source. I found some designer flannels here and here, the fanfare collection. If you really want to spend a pretty cent on your burp cloths, you can hunt down the amazing Heather Ross Munki Munki flannels (Cut up PJs). That's what I really wanted to do, but I was also on a budget and needed a large quantity.

FREE printable pattern:

Flannel Fabric
Sewing Machine
White Thread
Straight Pins
Iron and Iron Board

1. Print pattern on 11x17 paper and cut it out.
2. Back up two prints of fabric and fold. Line it up so that you can fit as many as possible on the fold.
3. Place pattern on one of the back sides with the "Place on Fold" on the fold of the fabric, pin and cut out.
4. Sew 1/4" in from the edge, straight stitch all the way around the shape, leaving a 2" opening on one of the middle contour sides.
5. Turn inside out and iron flat, making sure to push out all of the fabric. *I use a chopstick to get the full shape.
6. Hand stitch the opening closed using a blind stitch (pretty good tutorial here).
7. Finish off with a decorative or zigzag top stitch all the way around the burp cloth shape about 1/4" in from the edge.


  1. Hey lady it's Alisha! - (you may remember me from 1000 years ago at Axiom) - I saw your blog on Tosh's Facebook, and I love it, and I'm expecting twins, and I just made these, and they turned out super cute! Fun fact, with a little digging I found 2 not-horrible flannel fabrics at the Sugarhouse Joann, really genuinely not terrible. However they were not in the flannel section...? Just wanted to say thanks for posting this great pattern!

    1. Alisha! yes-yes of course I remember you. Axiom... good times. Good times. I can't seem to Bodega though, it brings tears to my eyes, since it's in the same space that we all LIVED in for so many years. Congratulations on your upcoming twins! That's exciting news. I'm so happy you found some good flannel too, that's so much easier to just run to a store sometimes. I've got a nice little love/hate relationship with Joann's. It's convenient but sometimes it's just a nightmare in there. I have high hopes for a better fabric store one day. Have fun with your nesting mode. I've always said, the best thing about pregnancy is decorating a new room ;) That's good stuff!