11 March 2012


When my husband and I went on our honeymoon in 2004 to Montreal and stayed at the St. Paul Hotel (http://www.hotelstpaul.com/en/), we fell in love with the decor. Bull head lights in the elevator, cowhide chair in our room, Capiz chandeliers and most of all, the foil wall in the lounge. We wanted to include the same look in our home so I researched trying to find out how it was created. I even contacted the hotel designer Ana Borrallo (http://www.designhotels.com/hotels/americas/canada/montreal/hotel_st_paul/architecture). She was kind enough to educate me a little on the process.

We ultimately ended up using an old 4'x5' canvas and having a crafternoon together to create a silver foil piece to hang on our wall. However, the thing that made St. Paul's wall so amazing was the amber glaze. We loved how it was silver foil but the glaze warmed the room. We never did do the wall in that home but in our current home, we attempted it on a smaller scale. After more research I found that the experts use rolls of foil. Seen here http://www.gildedplanet.com/gildingceilings.asp. My husband was designing signage and menus etc. for a Park City restaurant and they were applying a silver foil ceiling. Gilded Planet actually helped us understand the process more so we did it. It didn't turn out as amazing as St. Paul's but it is pretty and it's unique. The amber glaze is the thing that is missing.

After that we thought it might be fun to apply gold foil to some of our random artifacts around the house. An old "B", a Buddha head from a past photoshoot, and my husband's newest idea, the plastic reindeer. We've seen plastic animals spray painted or glittered but not foiled. It turned out really great. Nice work Tosh ;) I think I'll do a bunny next to add to our Easter decor. Tosh wants to do a buffalo.

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