17 March 2012

70s STELLA & 60s NINA

When Stella was born, my husband, Tosh designed her birth announcement. Our friend Ben at Mandate Press letterpressed it with care. I took a photo of Stella, and we sent it out to our closest friends and family.

The announcement won a little design award and got some attention because Ben photographed it, put it on his site and it started popping up on blogs all over the world. It was fun to see Tosh's drawing that started as a potential Christmas card (he was originally Santa and I had the pregnant belly) turn into Stella's sweet little announcement.

Two years later we changed clothes and repeated the process for Nina's birth announcement. I will cherish both of his designs always. As usual, I'm quite proud of my talented husband.


  1. Both of these would still be up on our wall if we hadn't moved. I keep them easily accessible so I can pull them out and brag to my friends about you and Tosh.