11 March 2012


True to usual form, we're late getting a birthday gift for my mother-in-law. She's so hard to shop for. She has everything she needs and anything she wants, she can make. She's the original Martha Stewart in many ways. If she sees something cool, she'll figure out how to make it, usually for half the cost. So when we saw some sweet little topiary place settings at Williams-Sonoma for $10 each I knew I needed to learn from her example and make them.http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/moss-topiary-place-card-holders/

I figured they would be fairly simple to make. But I didn't think they'd be as inexpensive. I went to JoAnn's and purchased everything needed for 12 settings for under $25 (with coupons). Nothing against Williams-Sonoma, I love that store and I try to support and be a purchaser, but that would've cost me $120 for 12 settings. Sorry Williams-Sonoma I had no choice but to swipe your idea because my mother-in-law cooks for 12 all too often.

Supplies (q12):
- Moss - 2 packs
- Styrofoam Balls - 2 packs (q6 in each) 2 1/2"
- Clay Pots - (12) 2"
- Large Safety Pins - 1 package. I used gold, but WS's are Silver
- Glue Gun
- Glue Sticks
- Scissors - I used a pair I don't care about to cut the moss because it has a sticky back,
  and a smaller pair that's really sharp for detail clipping.
- Wire Cutters

How To:
This gets a bit messy, but it's easy to clean up.
1. Cut 12 square pieces of moss, one for each ball to wrap. I wasn't too exact with the sizing but they were roughly 4"x4" and I was able to get 9 out of one package of moss.
2. Put a blob of glue in the center of one moss square and attached a ball.
3. Run a bead of glue from the ball to one corner and wrap it up the ball. This will be the bottom of the ball when it's done. Do the same on the opposite corner.
4. Pull up a third corner and hold with your finger, don't glue this yet. Cut where the two sides have little openings. The goal is to get it all of the edges to meet up without gaps or overlaps.
5. With the flap hanging open cut the portions along the ball's contour and glue them down.
6. Pull the flap down again and hold with your finger, don't glue this yet, but cut off excess that might overlap. Glue the flap down. If there is overlap, trip it off. If there are gaps, you can fill it in with a little more glue and small scraps of moss.
7. Do the same steps 4-6 on the last corner.
8. The ball should be covered with no gaps or overlaps. The bottom can be left a little sloppy though, it will be hidden inside the pot.
9. Run a thick bead of glue around the inside edge of the pot and place the moss ball inside with the sloppiest side in and hidden. Press down.
10. Clip off the safety pin clasp and squeeze the pin so that it has about a 1/4" gap and insert it into the top of the moss ball. I pushed mine all the way to the ball, but WS has theirs up a bit to expose the wire part of the safety pin.

You're done. Each one takes about 5-10 minutes to make.

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