24 March 2012


The beauty of letterpress is not only in the touchable indents on lush paper, or even the romantic nostalgia of a machine at work. It goes so far as beauty in storage. Vintage letterpress drawers are functional, beautiful, and easily repurposed.

They're everywhere I turn. They're in photoshoots, they're being used as wall shelves for collectibles, thread or favorite pretty things. They're being turned into jewelry racks, advent calendars, furniture, and wall art. Some people even (gasp) paint them for renewed life. Letterpress letters have always been a hit, but the drawers they're stored in deserve attention as well. And for good reason. Form meets function with a new purpose. You can't beat that.

If you're interested in purchasing a letterpress drawer, check out etsy. They've got oodles.

Today I spotted a couple at a favorite vintage shop, Euro Treasures.

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