03 November 2014


Feathers are so lovely and simple... the perfect accent for Thanksgiving decorations.
I made a garland with feathers that I had on hand from previous crafts so this was quickly made, but can be just as easily done by purchasing a few different feathers. Any leftovers are sure to be utilized in future projects.

3-6 different types of feathers (sources here, and here)
White Goose Feathers (here)
Sponge Brush or Flat Tp Brush
Gold Glitter
Martha Stewart Gold Paint
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
Wax Paper

1. Lay out the twine at the length that works for you. I like 4' garlands as they work well in door ways and on mantles.
2. Organize your feathers in a pattern that you like. Be sure to start your first feather about 7" from the edge of the twine end.
3. Hot Glue each feather to the twine.
4. Lay out some wax paper under a few white feathers. Paint the tips of the white feathers.
5. Sprinkle a bit of gold glitter over the gold paint. Let dry.
6. Cut a rounded edge on each of the gold tipped feathers.

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