30 October 2014


Here's a last minute freebie bit. Happy Halloween!! xoxo

Cardstock and Printer
Black Glitter Glue
Black Glitter
Small Hole Punch
Ribbon or Twine
Wax Paper
Xacto, Ruler and Cutting Board
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

1. Open free printable and print out on cardstock (3 Sheets).
2. Cut out each flag.
3. Punch small holes in the top two corners of each flag. I start with one, and use it as a guide for the others so they're all in the same place.
4. Thread the garland with spacing that you like.
    *You can embellish with beads or felt balls between each letter if you'd like.
5. Hot glue the ribbon to the backs of each flag to keep them in place.
6. Tie off the ends to the "H" of HAPPY and the "N" of HALLOWEEN
7. On top of a piece of wax paper, glitter glue each flag.
8. Sprinkle black glitter after each flag is glitter glued.
9. Let dry and hang.

With a *bonus* "BOO" Banner.

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