13 October 2014


Just a couple of quick (but messy) DIY ideas to add to your Halloween decorations. 


Lace fabric - I used black lace
Craft Pumpkin - I used cream but you could get orange or black
PVA Glue
Water and Mixing Cup
Foam Brush
Wax Paper - to keep things semi-less-messy
Fabric Scissors
1. Mix some glue and water in a mixing cup.
2. Lay out some wax paper and put the pumpkin on top of it.
3. Cut a piece of lace fabric that will cover the pumpkin from top to bottom.
4. Place the lace on top of the pumpkin and cut a small X for the stem to poke through.
5. Start globbing on the glue from top to bottom, pulling the lace down to the bottom and glueing at the same time. Glue on top of the fabric and smooth out the fabric as best as possible.
6. Let dry.
7. Once dry, cut off excess black lace at the bottom. You want enough left to cover the pumpkin completely, but you want to get rid of all of the folds and smooth it to the pumpkin.
8. To clean up the lace folds, cut up the center of a fold and glue each flap to the pumpkin. Overlapping slightly is ok, and won't be noticeable in the end.
9. Once all the folds of fabric are all smoothed to the pumpkin give the whole thing one last once over with a layer of glue.


Small balloons
Wire - thick and flexible
Empty Paper Towel Rolls
Masking Tape
Gauze Fabric
PVA Glue
Water and Mixing Bowl
Wax Paper - To semi contain the mess

1. Cut a 12" strip of wire and poke it through an empty paper towel roll about 2-3" down from the top so that each end is coming out of it like arms. Bend each end in a loop. 
2. Bend the arms so that the ends are pointed up a bit.
3. Blow up a small balloon (the ghost head) and tape it to the top of the of the empty paper towel roll.
4. Tape the bottom of the paper towel roll to the table or wax paper (also secure the wax paper).
5. Cut smallish sections (roughly 5"by 15") of gauze and dip them into the gluey water mixture. 
6. One by one drape glued gauze over the top of the balloon "head" and wire "arms" to make a ghost shape.
7. Keep layering until you have the desired amount of draped gauze.
8. Let dry.
9. Pop the balloon and take out the tube.

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