12 December 2012


I feel like I need to say something on 12.12.12. I know I just posted yesterday but I have plenty to talk about after a trip to New York and Christmas crafting a-go-go. I tried to explain to my daughter how the opportunity to see the same triple digits like 12.12.12 is over. We don't have 13 months in the year so this is it. Despite the fact that my other daughter has been sick all day, it's been a sweet day of hanging out with my girls. I missed them so much this last week and with one of them sick, I'm hugging them to bits. I just can't squeeze them enough.

I have a group of friends that get together for DIY night. We've made some pretty amazing things together. Last year's lou-lou was the quiet book. THE BOOK. We each took one page and repeated it 20 times and traded. Another big one was our Halloween glitter house. Many of us bought our houses as a set of three from Hobby Lobby and used the biggest one for Halloween and the other two for Christmas. We all bring our ideas and jiblets and swap and influence each other. It's great fun. I adore my DIY girlie friends.

So here are my houses. They were being referred to as a Winter Wonderland. I like how it turned out. I found most of my things at Jolly's and Beehive Bazaar. I made the scalloped base, the felt tree and I found the two deer in New York and sprayed/glittered them.

Houses (Hobby Lobby)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Supper 77 Spray Mount
White Spray Paint
Glitter in Variety of colors, thicknesses
Embellishments for exterior (vintage ribbon, glitter ribbon, little animals spray painted and glittered, mini trees, wreaths, pipe cleaners, berries, old book paper, vellum, fake snow)
Battery Mini Christmas Lights (Target) * Make sure the package says "warm"
Xacto Knife
Felt and Fabric
Book Binding Glue
Paint Brush
Wired Fence (Joann's)

1. Spray the houses white. Dry.
2. Spray the houses with Supper 77 (spray mount). Glitter. I like to put a chunkier glitter on the roof, or something to the roof that is different than the house. With the Christmas houses, I painted the roof blue first, then glued, then glittered.
3. Hot glue various embellishments to the house and around it.

* I wanted a base for these two houses so I could put little trees and animals around so I made a scalloped base. I first cut (with a box cutter) the shape I wanted out of cardboard. Then I covered one side with fabric and the underside with felt. 


  1. I am still dreaming about this house.. Literally. I woke up needing a beautiful thought to get me back to sleep...I came back to find this. It's so elegant, and peaceful yet it makes me so curious... Like a little house found in a fairy wood, but they're gone to help... Sweet dreams and sweet talent you have there my friend..

  2. Thanks Amy. Sweet dreams indeed. I'm ready for a nap ;)

  3. Seriously??? Unreal. Not fair for one person to get SO much talent. I'm pretty sure I bought a house not nearly as cute as that for $80. You should sell those.

    1. Well mercy, that's lovely praise. Thank you. And next time you feel the need to spend that much come on over and we'll make one together. Truth be told, the ingredients to these glitter houses can ADD UP. That's why it's fun to get together with friends to make them so you can share ;) xxo vb