23 December 2014


It's almost Christmas. I've been busy making little gifts. My favorite thing to do, really. I get a bit carried away with this time of year, I can't deny. I try to stay within a budget and keep it all reasonable, but the earlier I finish, the more projects I add. So getting my Christmas shopping completed early doesn't really mean that I'm done. It just means more time to buy more and make more stuff.

I'll share a bit of what I've been up to:
FOR MY GIRLIE FRIENDS - A Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper, a lime and a bit of Coconut Syrup in a wee glass vial plus a weaving for my besties. Wrapped in a cello bag with a bit of newsprint/craft shred, tied with a ribbon and the weaving on the outside.
FOR MY SISTERS - A series of mini nail polishes and a weaving. Wrapped in a muslin baggie with some craft shred and the weaving attached to the outside.
FOR THE NEIGHBORS - Caramel Sauce with a large Honeycrisp Apple. Wrapped in a cello bag with a bit of newsprint/craft shred and tied with a ribbon.
FOR MY KIDS FRIENDS - A candycane craft. Wrapped in a kraft baggie with an instruction sheet, googlie eyes, red nose, brown pipe cleaner and a candycane, of course.
FOR MY KIDS TEACHERS - Two of them got a children's picture book and the other two got a christmas scented candle (found those at Target for under $10.00) Wrapped in craft paper with sparkle ribbon.

Needless to say, my kitchen is a wreck all of December. But it's fun.
One thing I didn't do was take photos. I'll post more in the next few days, I'm sure.

Mini Weavings

Girlfriend Gifts

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