16 February 2014


We had huge anticipation for this movie back in August. My daughter was Anna for Halloween before anyone knew about Frozen. Explaining over and over who she was.

Then we saw it Thanksgiving weekend. INSTANTLY Anna was no longer of interest in her mind. It was all about Elsa from that point on.

The songs are sung in our car ALWAYS. Carpool = 3-7 kids yelling their little guts out, "Let it Go!"

We just got back from Disneyland and of course, top on the list was meeting Elsa and Anna. I stood in line for 2.5 hours for that sweet little moment. And I'm happy to report that Elsa was the one in there. We were two people away from meeting both of them, but honestly if it were only Anna in there, I think my husband and I would've thrown some punches. "Why can't you hire two Elsa's and two Anna's?" is his big (justified) complaint, "Rotate them!"

I feel like the only person that prefers Anna. Well, how can you compete with ice shooting from your finger tips and a sexy, slinky sheer dress, and a long braid of hair. Anna may be the hero, and hilarious, and carry the whole movie, but Elsa will always have her beat in my girls minds.

What does this all mean? An upcoming Frozen birthday party... AND the gears start to turn. I have two months to plan it out. In the mean time, we continue to sing the songs and build paper ice castles (compliments of daddy's craftiness) and see the movie over and over until we're all sleeping, eating, breathing and gagging on Frozen.

With all of that said, I have to confess, I'm not really sick of it. It's cute. I enjoy watching it with my little family, despite the fact that the parents die (thank you Disney, for that). Our girls are like Elsa and Anna in so many ways that it makes me cry when they stop playing together in the beginning and again when Anna sacrifices herself for her sister. And I'll always adore Olaf.

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