28 February 2014


Pinterest. It can be overwhelming just as easily as inspiring.

Originally I started pinning to organize the heaps of design influence and ideas I'd come across while researching. That is all good and well, but I worry about the day when the links no longer have a route to the item of interest.

On the other hand, in my computer's filing system, sometimes I have images that I can no longer trace to an original source. Two different organization tools..... same issue.

Neither are ideal but both are helpful in the big picture, the NOW picture. There are reasons to keep both going.

One thing I've noticed since I've been pinning, I am able to decide what to DIY easily. It's all right there on my ever growing DIY board. For the most part, I pin items that I really do intend to make. I can also see which items to purchase rather than suffer through the material costs and time.

Below are four examples I've had in my computer files for far too long, most are on my Pinterest boards too. I have deep desires to create all of these things, but the reality is I know I can sew a clutch, I think I can make a wire wreath, I might be able to paint something, and I highly doubt I can make that dress! I know my limits.

All that said, thank you Pinterest for keeping my inspirations organized and my limits known. And an even bigger thanks to those out there that continually inspire all of us. Join me on Pinterest... your own personal inspiration meeting.

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