14 May 2012


I'm not huge on Vegas, but my husband and I need a getaway. NOW. The last time the two of us got on a plane without kids was before we had kids. That was 4 1/2 years ago. Since then we've had two very appreciated one-nighters to Park City. We've gone to Portland with one kid and to Dallas with two kids. That's the extent of our travel. It always involved family and tended to be a bit stressful. Those were great outings, don't get me wrong, I liked those trips, but we're ready for a real vacation from our kids. It will be hard to leave our sweet girls for four whole days but at least Vegas is close-ish. It's also a bit of a "cheap" getaway. I had looked into San Diego. I want to save that for the kids. And Palm Springs. I want to save that for a sibling getaway.

So Vegas it is. I was starting to get excited about it. I never would've thought, excited about Vegas? But then... We got invited to the Billboards. That just kicked the meter up a few notches. We didn't think we would be able to swing it. Our original tickets out of town were the day before awards night. All hotels were booked because of the event. A return ticket would be as much as our original hotel and flight to Vegas. And the kicker was that who would watch our kids for 4 whole days? But somehow it all worked out and we get to go.

So now... a dress. Oh boy.

I must confess, I don't have a body that can just easily fit into any cocktail dress with ease. I have some areas to deal with. I've had two kids and my high metabolism that I grew up with sunk pretty low post 35. It's not going to be easy to find something for an event like this. Plus it's going to be 90+ degrees down there. Ugh. I'm going to need a girdle plus it will be hot... I may pass out.

Today, I go shopping... I feel a little like Julia Robers in Pretty Woman when she's so excited to go shopping and finds out that the experience sucks beyond belief. I have already started this process and after 8 dresses, I am a bit nervous. I can't leave this purchase to Vegas. If I don't find anything there, I'm bound to show up in my usual frumps. We're also sitting in a camera section so I need to try to find SOMETHING that doesn't embarrass myself and all I know. It's the new obsession.

Here are a few thoughts before I go: Needs sleeves but not too long. Can't be too short (like a shift dress). Not too fitted. Can't be stretchy material. Can't be see-through. Solids might be best. It would be a bonus if I could actually wear it for another occasion later. I'd love it if it were under $300.00 but I'll try not to think about that, there are too many other restrictions. But I can't forget shoes and accessories. Wish me luck.

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