02 May 2012


As promised, I'd like to offer up my humble review of Pallet, a new restaurant in Salt Lake City. I found out about it while looking for wallpaper for my sister-in-law's home. I really love the wallpaper they chose for their men's restroom. It's a black on black damask. Cody Derrick of City Home Collective was good enough to help me out with the source. We ended up using that wallpaper in a gameroom and LOVE it.

A few friends had experienced Pallet before I was able to get there, but we all had similar thoughts. Beautiful, dark and lively atmosphere (I love the enormous mirror behind the bar), with a menu that needs some tweeking. Priced as if it has been around and favored by many. My husbands opinion was quite low, but I'd like to see how they do over time. Perhaps a chef that could offer up flavors that are worth the price. I had the scallops, my husband had the buffalo ribs which he said was, "the worst cut of meat" he'd ever had. I liked my meal, and our friends both enjoyed theirs. I enjoyed our evening there but I think we'll wait awhile before returning to see if some kinks get worked out.

Around the corner, I came across a fabric store that I never knew was there. Tissu Fine Fabrics & Design Gallery. Pierpont is home to several cute little shops, some stick around, others come and go. I don't know how long this has been there, but I fell in love with some fabric in the window. It's the kind of fabric that makes me nervous though. I want to make something with it, but I'd buy it, and it would sit in a bag until I could muster up the courage to start a project. Possibly a table cloth for Mother's Day.

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