26 May 2012


I'm still not a huge fan of Vegas. This trip didn't change my opinion much. There's serious effort to keep you lost within a hotel so you can't spend your money in the other hotels. As a result, nothing is convenient. There is no walking in a straight line in that town.

But I was grateful for some much needed inspiration. I'm not a gambler. I'm not one to carry around a giant souvenir cocktail, but I do like to shop and take photos of things that inspire me. Thank goodness I married someone that enjoys the same (see him shooting the Louis Vuitton wall at Crystals, City Center). I Love, LOVE, loved Prada, of course, and Stella McCartney with her beautiful chandelier horse, "Lucky Spot". All Saints at Cosmopolitan Hotel was making me drool with the vintage sewing machines lining all of its window as well as the many patterns, textures, and spectacular lights all along the strip.

I also loved the variety of casino carpets. I found myself looking at the floor more and more, enjoying the color combinations and patterns. I thought, what a great book this would make... and guess what, someone else thought the same.

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