07 May 2012


I've wanted to make these for quite some time. We've got tons of Vintage Fisher Price Little People, which are called "peoples" in our house, and these little bitties can play along too. A cute tutorial for making them with kids is here. It makes for a fun crafternoon even with my littlest one.
You Need:
Wooden dolls (available at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or here in a variety of sizes)
Pens (Colors for eyes and mouth)
Brush and Paints (Colors for hair and clothing)
Clothing Materials (Fabric. Lace. Felt. Stickers. Ribbon. Sparkle Bits)
Fabric Scissors
Hot Glue

1. Have your kids draw eyes and a mouth (or no mouth) on the ball of the peg.
2. Have them paint the hair (let dry). I did one and they followed quite well. 
3. Have them paint the body clothes from the neck down (let dry).
4. They choose the fabrics and trimmings.
5. I cut out skirts, dresses and pants and hot glue them on.

They love being a part of making their own peoples and playing with them. They're a hit.


  1. Can I make these even if I don't have kids?

    1. I confess, I'd do this even without the kids ;)