26 May 2012


This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And we knew it. We knew it when we got in the gold limo behind MGM. When we stepped onto the red carpet. When we saw the many guitars all lined up and ready for their performers. When Ty's publicist took us to our 8th row seats. When Brandi sat down next to us. When Mike Tyson and Tommy Hilfiger were within spitting distance. And when Ty led us to the side of the stage to watch Stevie Wonder sing.

We were so very fortunate and loving every minute of it. I was snapping photos with my phone like a fool, not even caring that none of them even look good. It was no surprise that my husband was blending into the crowd of "who's that?" with such success. Tommy Hilfiger kept staring at us, probably wondering "who's that?"

It was fun to see the performances even though I don't really have Bieber Fever or listen to Katy Perry. I gained a new respect for performers like Taylor Swift after hearing all of her amazing accomplishments. I was so proud of Ty for doing so well as a host with Julie Bowen. I had happy-tears in my eyes for the lucky singers that got to sing with Stevie Wonder and I was in awe of the many, many people backstage making the whole thing run so smoothly.

Once in a lifetime. Thanks Ty and Holly!

See real Billboards photos here.
Christine and I getting into the limo. Holly, Emily, Jeff and Duncan on our short ride to the red carpet. Tosh and I in the hotel suite and in the limo. The line up of guitars. Ty looking so very calm. Me, Christine, Emily and Jeff in Ty's room backstage.

Ty and Julie starting the Billbaord Awards. Jeff and Emily, Me and Tosh at our seats. Taylor Swift receiving her award. Julie and Ty on the overhead screen. Brandi looking absolutely stunning. Justin Bieber performing. Mike Tyson with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. Stevie Wonder singing with Alicia Keys.

Backstage shots of Cee Lo and Stevie Wonder being interviewed. My husband Tosh beaming after Stevie said to him, "I love you too, man." After show parties at 1 Oak @ The Mirage and Lily @ Ballagio.


  1. What an experience. You looked awesome.

  2. You look stunning. Such a fun event.