15 June 2015


If you've been with me a while, you'll remember my daughter's Pastel Rainbow Dash Party (You can see more herehere, here, and here). I actually still have a few things to post from that party, nearly a year later!

I had made a piñata for the first time. I just found it in my basement, I can't bring myself to toss it despite the fact that it's smashed up... it was my first... it was a lot of work *Sigh* It might be time to exercise some non-horder qualities.

But before I do, I want to be sure it's documented. This is what it looked like as part of the decor and then in action. It took two rounds of smashings (four and five year old kids aren't too intense).

I had asked a friend that makes piñatas often for a few tips and then I started in. It took about three hours (split up between a couple of days).

Crepe Paper in Pastel Rainbow Colors - Cut into 4" Strips (or Fringe Crepe Paper)
Fringe Scissors (one of my favorite tools)
Cardboard - Large pieces
Masking Tape
Xacto Knife
Steel Ruler
Hot Glue Gun
Cutting Mat

1. Draw and cut out a flat version of what you want your piñata to be on newspaper. I wanted a NUMBER FOUR. Any counter shapes need to be fairly large so that they don't appear filled in once created in cardboard. This will be your template.
2. Trace around the template onto a large piece of cardboard. Flip the template over and trace around it again onto another area of the cardboard. This will be the front and back of your piñata.
3. Cut a strip of cardboard the thickness that you want it to be. I wanted it to be able to stand on a table on its own so I cut 4" wide strips. You don't need it to be one continuous piece that goes around the entire thing, but you do need it to be as few as possible so look for larger areas of your cardboard piece to cut from. See the top two photos below for a reference.
4. Tape the 4" piece to the backside piece. Going all the way around to the starting point. You'll want masking tape to be about an inch apart. You don't want your piñata to break apart too easily or to be so sturdy that kids can't bust into it, so there's a happy medium here.
5. At the top of the piñata punch a hole and knot a rope through so that it can hang. THIS needs to be sturdy. Mine broke at one point. So you might want the layer the cardboard here or something to reinforce this area.
6. Cut one area in the 4" piece so that you can insert candy. OR if you prefer to add candy now, before closing it off, do so now. Keep in mind that it will be in there while applying tissue all around the piñata.
7. Place the topside piece on top and start taping in the same way as the backside piece.
8. Now you have your full cardboard pinata with a rope attached and either an opening or candy already inserted. NICE!
9. On the bottom, flap, corners and counter shape areas hot glue flat strips of crepe paper to cover up the cardboard. This doesn't need to be fringed here, just flat. Make it the same color as your first fringed row. Mine was pink. See the bottom left photo below. I call this the Base Color.*
10. Using fringe scissors or regular scissors, cut fringe in each color. (you can also purchase pre-cut fringed crepe paper — I just didn't find the right colors I needed so I cut mine all by hand).
11. Starting with the same color as your base cover color (mine is pink) hot glue the fringed crepe paper around the piñata in rows. My rainbow was pink, peach, yellow, seafoam green, baby blue and lavendar... back to pink and so forth.
12. Repeat this all the way up the piñata.
13. * Before you reach a counter shape area (the opening of the "4") or a flap, make sure you apply a layer of flat crepe paper in your base color. This way, you'll never see any cardboard poking through.
14. Keep adding rows of fringed crepe paper all the way up to the top until all of the cardboard is completely covered.

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