02 July 2015


This is what our home looks like this time of year...
kind of a simplified country situation.

— I cut out a large United States from a box. Keeping the lines kind of angular makes it easy to cut. I punched holes in the corners and strung it to the wall using washi tape. I didn't try to hide the tape, it's very much a part of the scene, although I did crop it out of the photo ;)
— I bought several Dollar Store flags and cut them into triangles and sewed them into a garland.
— I already had a few large white feathers that I use for EVERYTHING... from Valentine's to Princess parties, baby showers and even Christmas. I mixed those with babies breath, white flowers and flags in a large mason jar.
— I use this wood box for a lot of parties and events too. It's a good propping tool to have on hand. — The doilies are vintage, I've collected them over the years.
— The cherries are in a lovely vintage silver bowl.
— The mason jars are filled with candies and handed out to the kids SPARINGLY. Ya, right.

All in all, I spent under $15 and it was all on the flowers, cherries and candy. Not too bad!

Happy Fourth of July friends!

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