19 February 2015


St. Patrick's is coming up next! I'm not Irish but I like this time of year a lot. I think it's the colors!

I love all greens. It's so refreshing to bring the beginnings of spring color inside after a long winter. Of course, this winter is weird... it's February and it feels like April. So I'm feeling Spring early.

Along with green I'm ALWAYS interested in adding gold. I have several ways of adding gold. First, I love to gold foil anything and everything (plus a little more).

I also appreciate a good gold paint. The Martha Stewart Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint is my favorite. It works great on glass, wood, cork, leather, fabric... just about anything. I have yet to find a really amazing gold spray paint, but I keep trying.

I painted the bottom of an old vase to use for St. Patrick's Day decorations. It's so easy. Seriously, zero effort on this one.

Masking Tape
Paint Brush
MS Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint

1. Just mask off a clean line with masking tape.
2. Brush on a couple of coats, and let dry.
3. Peal off the tape carefully.

You can also paint the inside of a vase by swirling the paint around and turning it upside down onto wax paper to let it drain to the top of a vase. This is great if the vase isn't going to ever have water in it. I like to have a variety of green vases and gold objects in my St. Patrick's Decorations so I use both methods.

I also like to include, clover, moss and gold chocolate coins. That's all I need to feel the St. Patricks vibe. This year, I may add a little more. Stay tuned.

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