09 February 2015


It's not very often that you can gather 30 creative ladies together. It's even less often that you can get them to make a dozen of something crafty and lovely. These crafts are time takers for sure but when Stephanie throws her annual Valentine's Exchange Party, it's time to get busy and get there.

The deal is you craft up twelve of, something... a Valentine, to exchange. With so many talented people there, I was a wee bit intimidated. But it really was fun and rewarding.

I made weavings, each one of a kind with a mix of cream, gold and pink yarns on a gold painted twig. Then I placed each one in a glassine bag, tossed in a few tissue hearts, sewed the top, and topped it with a heart sticker.  Twelve of those, took me about a week of nightly work while watching TV.

After a short break, maybe I'll make myself one too. I'll show them all soon.

For now, take a peek at what I traded them for!
Starting at the top left:
Flowers by Millie
Deer Valentine by Stephanie Ford
Moss hearts by Rachel David
Cornhusk Flowers by Brittany Jepson
Needle Keeper by Amy Holmes
Felt Tissue Case by Tia Harrison
Heart Paper Garland by Faith Wallis
Candy Jar by Caroline Drake
Fabric Garland by Melissa Bell
Bag of Felt Balls by Aubry Bennion
Cement Earrings by Kersey Campbell
Lavendar Sachet by Kersten Swinyard

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