11 February 2015


I'm a bit late with my kids class treats for Valentine's this this year. If you are as well, and need a quick idea, print this out, gather some goodies, load some baggies... you can get this checked off your list in an afternoon.

Cello Bags - I used 2.5" x .75" x 6" (Try to get bags as close as possible to this size).
Cardstock - I used Paper Source Stardream Opal or Quartz
X-acto Knife, Cutting Board & Bone Folder (Scissors or a paper cutter will also work)
Ring Erasers - I got these from Target
Candies - I got chocolate kisses, Jelly Beans, and gummy XOs all at Target. Also at grocery stores.
Stapler - This could be cuter, with ribbon etc., but a stapler will do in a pinch. I thought about making the staples gold but again...!
Sharpie - To write their names on the back.

1. Print out the cards below on 8.5" x 11" cardstock.
2. Cut the center vertical line, and two outer vertical lines.
3. Turn your paper and cut the horizontal lines.
4. Keeping the paper in it's place, score on the fold lines. You should have six cards.
5. If your child is old enough to write their own names have them help out with this part. If not, write in their names.
6. Partially fold each card along their scored line so that they're ready for placement.
7. Fill each bag with a ring and some candies. Of course, the kids love to be involved in this part.
8. Fold over the top of the bag and place the folded card over the top of it. Staple closed.
* If you can't find this size bag, use what you can and fold it down to fit within the card closure.
9. I used the red for boys and the pink for the girls.

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