07 June 2013


We have a room that has turned into the junk room.

Sometimes it's referred to as my sewing room as it contains all of my sewing supplies and fabric and such.

Other times it's called the work out room because it houses a treadmill and a rowing machine, but let's be honest, I've used one of those machines a total of three times in the course of four months.

It has a slew of toys that should be put away in the girls bedrooms but somehow because it's an open space (at times) it has turned into their play room.

In the past it was our bedroom closet on the other side of the house from our bedroom. We recently added a master bath and closet so truth be told, this is the cleanest this room has been since we moved into this house.

It is officially an EXTRA room! I realize we're fortunate to have an extra room. Most people have a junk drawer or an extra cupboard. I know this is a good thing. But what to do with it?

What I really need is a guest room and sewing room. I'd love to have one more baby (time is running out for that idea) so it could be a baby room. On a daily basis, thoughts of what this room could be spin around in my head. It is the multifunctional guest/workout/sewing room with the hope of a baby room. That's it!

Perhaps the closet could be organized in a manner that it contains all of the sewing items and the vacuum. Perhaps a small fold out sofa could fit in there and we keep one of the work out pieces... the treadmill? It's bulky but we use it (dare I say it) more. Perhaps the kids rooms switch around a bit and they get a real play room and they share a room for sleeping. I'd love to put up some pretty wallpaper and play up the sofa side of it. So it would look like a guest room with a treadmill but it would house so much more.

Perhaps... I should keep thinking.


  1. Goodness, I learned so much about your life in this post. You added a master bath and closet? You want to have another child? You have an extra room that you're not sure what to do with? Looks like it's time for me to visit and to have a brainstorming meeting.

    1. I know, I just gushed. Please come visit us. We're long over do for some Shayna time.