26 June 2013


These garden labels are easy, but they do take a bit of time. I love how they look. So cute with something green surrounding it. Mine aren't perfect, I'm sure I'll make more and get better with the clay as time goes on. These would make cute little girlie friend gifts, don't you think?

Sculpey Baking Clay
Small Alphabet Rubber Stamps
Rolling Pin
Baking Sheet
Frosting Spatula
Sanding Block

1. I make a 2" ball of clay and roll it out flat and thin. It's best to have one side of it relatively flat along the edge of the counter.
2.Trim the rounded edges on each side and cut 1" strips with your spatula. I like to use a frosting/baking spatula that is not angled at all so I can get a clean cut. I usually get four to six strips out of one ball.
3. Stack every other one on top of each other so that you have a double thick strip. Don't worry about making the edges even you will trim them next.
4. I like to lightly roll over these to mash them together just slightly, but don't make them thin again.
5. Trim off the edges so you have clean sides to each strip. Use your fingers to smooth the edges and the spatula to smash in the jagged edge.
6. Select your letters. I like to space them apart so if it's a short word, I can just hold the entire thing and press it in at once. If there are double letters, break the word apart and start at the outer edge. Try not to press too hard, then you'll see the outlines of the stamp block (I need practice with this;)
7. Once your word is imprinted, cut the other tip to a point and blunt cut the point if you'd like.
8. Smooth the strips as much as possible because sanding doesn't get out all of the imperfections.
9. Using your spatula, gently scoop up each strip and place on a baking sheet. Then smooth the strips again. Be sure to use the edge of the spatula to make each side of the strip straight.
10. Bake according to the Sculpey package directions.
11. After it cools, sand out some of the imperfections and the ragged back edge of each side.

Done! Cute-cute.
Stick it in a pot... or in your garden.

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