19 June 2013


People just keep having babies.

So I keep making softie balls. I've posted a tutorial in the past.

But this spring and early summer has proven to bring on an unusually large batch of newbies. Hopefully these little jingler balls find their way into their chubby little hands for play. One weekend I made a batch of 9, the following weekend I made 5 more. What is this madness? When do my friends stop having babies? Or is it just that I keep getting younger and younger friends and so I'll be making balls forevermore.

I considered making them and selling them at the craft festivals here in town. We have a number of fun events to choose from. But honestly, I couldn't justify the time it takes to make them and what to charge for them. I mean, I'm not going to charge someone $20 for a jingly ball. And anything less makes the endevor not worth my time or stress. I think I'll continue to make these for friends as they have their babies. I really enjoy giving a handmade gift. I know I always enjoy getting something handmade. It's extra special and always cherished. Hopefully these balls are too.


  1. Will you be sick of making these by the time I have a child? Please say, 'no.'

    1. No never. There will certainly be one waiting for the arrival of your little one. That's just a given.