11 February 2013


Good glory, what is it about putting Valentine's goodies together for my kids friends that makes me a bit crazy. Is it the constant pleading for the various pieces that go into each package? Is it the refusal to participate in a way that is actually helpful? Yes and yes.

So this year, sadly, it's been tough trying to teach my kids the reason why we give things to our friends and family. For those people that we love. It's been a challenge to explain that Valentine's are fun to GIVE. I'd love to be able to say my kids are perfect, sharing angels at all times but it's just not the case, darnit. After this day passes, we'll all forget and they'll have a lovely Valentine's Day and enjoy giving and getting but the process has been... well... a process.

Here's one of the crafts that we worked on in a good moment. I had a bunch of yarn scrap left over from making pom poms so I came up with something fun for the excess. We made Valentine's cards with pink paper, Elmer's glue and the yarn scraps. It's messy, but what isn't, right? After the glue was dry, I hairsprayed it to give it a little "hold".

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