08 February 2013


This is easy, but admittadly, it takes a ton of pink bottons, which can get spendy if you're collecting in a rush. I had collected over time plus I purchased some batches of pink buttons on etsy. So overall this wreath cost me about $25.

Styrofoam Heart
Pink fabric scraps cut into strips
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Lots and lots of buttons - I used a variety of pinks
Ribbon for hanging - I used 1.5" silk

1. Cut a 2"-3" piece of wire and bend it in a "U" shape.
2. Poke the two ends of the wire into the back, top of the foam heart. Hot glue into place.
3. Cut long strips of fabric about 1"-2" wide. Use fabric that is the same color as your buttons. I used linen, because I happened to have some, but you could use anything, preferably solid. Felt would work great.
4. Wrap the foam heart. Start by hot gluing it into place next to the wire and wrap around the wire to further secure it.
5. When completely wrapped, start hot gluing buttons on. Start with the larger buttons, then medium sized and use the smaller ones to fill in empty spaces. Note that the larger buttons don't "wrap" around the roundness of the heart form and that's ok. If you'd like to be less random, look for a styrofoam heart that has flat surfaces.
6. Wrap a long ribbon around the top and complete with a knot about 7" from the top of the heart. This is used for hanging. The nail in the wall will be most likely be hidden by the ribbon.


  1. This looks delicious, almost edible. Why do I always think everything looks like candy?

    1. Well, I was just realizing that all of the sweets that enter this house via neighbors and friends for whatever holiday... I am the one to eat them! Yikes. My husband never does, and the kids have a bit but I'm over in the corner sneaking the sweets when they're not looking. I think we both have the sweet tooth issue.