25 October 2012


She's obsessed. Ariel is all around as is Belle, Cinderella, Aurora and every other princess conceived by Disney. When I asked my oldest, "What do you want to be" and she said Ariel with a huge grin, I decided I'd better make this one because the purchasable costumes are a wee bit too "show-E" for my four year old.

My littlest wanted to be Belle. That one I could buy but I've found that whatever costume I get for my kids, there's at least some altering needed if not embellishing. That's ok, that makes it their own.

First, I drew up a pattern and measured my daughter's waist, hips, and leg length. She wanted a tail instead of just a pouf skirt so I thought if it ended right at the ground, and came up a bit in the front, maybe she could walk rather than waddle.

Next for the top, I bought a bodysuit from American Apparel and sewed on sparkle purple fabric shaped like the shells and then carefully glitter glued an outline as thin a possible. Then I sewed on a gold fish button. For the skirt, I got "Spirit Mermaid Foil" fabric at Joann's (I actually preferred pale green back-side because the color was closer to Ariel's tail). I basically made a simple elastic waistband skirt that has a glitter fabric fin in the back and it comes up in the front. Then I added a bit more glitter fabric on the back-side and a gold starfish button.

I must admit, this isn't a toss-it-in-the-wash costume, but I'll keep it in the dress up closet after Halloween. She loves wearing it and feels quite proud. Next year, she announced, she wants to be a mermaid every year. Just a different color each time. Uhhhm, no.

The shoes came from the Disney Store, but they were last year's and slightly used for $5.00! Sold! I don't think I've ever purchased anything from that store for $5.00.

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  1. I should have had you make one in my size. I would have been a total hit today in SF. Everybody loves a mermaid.