06 October 2012


This was by far the easiest DIY project I had done in a while. I bought some glass vases at Savers, each only .99 and I have lots of acrylic paints on hand. So for $5.00 and 10 minutes I made several cute vases for a party table centerpiece.

I've seen this around the internets and I think we all agree that the patterned glass and pretty colors are a lovely combination. These can't hold flowers or be cleaned out with water. It's really a nice way to bring in color to a party table.

1. Glass vases
2. Acrylic paint - One color per vase
3. Paper towels - Have a damp one ready to wipe the rim
4. Spoon - To reuse the excess paint that drains out

1. Clean and dry vases. You don't want the inside to be wet so if you clean the inside and  you can't wipe it dry inside, air dry it.
2.  pour in paint and slowly swirl it around the bottom so that all areas are reached.
3. Slowly tilt the vase down so that some paint starts to drain out (about 2-3" in length)
and slowly rotate so that the paint reaches all around the neck of your vase.
4. Make sure all areas are covered.
5. Place it upside down on a paper towel and let it drain out for a few minutes.
6. Carefully pick it up and wipe the rim with a damp paper towel.
7. Spoon excess paint from the paper towel into the original paint bottle.
8. Let the vase dry overnight.

ONE ISSUE that I noticed a couple of weeks later, the paint started to crack slightly in some areas so I'm going to go back and do another coat, possibly seal it with a varnish. I did a larger vase with spray paint and a spray varnish (several coats of both) and that has held up longer.

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