10 October 2012


I saw this cute chain in a nearby shop for... too much money... and thought, good grief, that's easy and it was. Takes about two hours to make one chain. So I popped in a movie I've seen about twenty times and started in.

I used less than one package of each and made a 6' chain, a good size for above my daughters door.

Wire Cutters/Needle-nose Pliers
Scissors (that are able to cut through wire)
Orange and Black Pipe Cleaners
Approx. 1" tube

1. Take one orange and one black pipe cleaner, line them up and wrap them together around a 1" tube (your template to keep each ring the same size).
2. Cut the pipe cleaners about 1/4" past the start of the circle. I use my thumb to hold them in place. I can get about three sets of circles per pipe cleaner.
3. I like to cut a bunch of the circles first and have them all ready to link. Use your wire cutters to bend each end about 1/4". I bend the left end back and the right end forward so they can hook together and "catch" each other.
4. Hook the circle by "catching"and bend the tabs down. I use the pliers to smooth down the ends and blend them into the circle a bit so not sharp bits stick out.
5. Repeat by linking the next color, if you started with orange, use black next and keep alternating.
6. Repeat the links about a bajillion times ;) As many as you'd like for your needs.

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