29 February 2016


I had a little crafternoon with my Activity Days girls the other day. While we decorated mirrors with sparkles and pom poms, we talked about talking to others as well as ourselves positively. Looking in the mirror and saying nice things. I really believe that words are cemented when spoken aloud. As these young girls go to school, play and go about their day, they may get some negative words coming straight for them.

My goal is to buffer the nasty with some positive thoughts that they can carry with them. Hopefully they can start each day uplifting themselves. Anything to help them with the tough years ahead of them.

Now I'm not going to lie, these turned out "kid-cute". They're not pretty. No matter how much I try to organize the supplies by color, they'll plaster the mirrors in a way that gives me a bit of anxiety. But they are having a blast. Plus, everything put before them is from the dollar store so no big deal. I spent about $20 on supplies for 10 girls. Not too bad. It's a fun activity to do with kids... daughters, girlie friends, nieces... anyone that likes to craft.

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