17 September 2013


A few of you have wanted to see my sister-in-law's home that I've been working on. Some little bits here and there still need attention but for the most part, much of the home and grounds are complete. I may post more later, but for now, here are the kids rooms and the living room, three of my favorites.

If you remember, I had a series of ideas for baby rooms, here. Some of those ideas came to fruition. For the baby's room, a combination of "In The Garden" and "Woodland Friends", and the kids room, "Vintage Circus".

The living room, I always envisioned the fragility and colors of a basket of farm fresh eggs. With varied whites, creams, tans and greys.

You can see the style boards for these rooms along with several others, here.

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  1. I want to move in. Nice job Victoria. Everything you touch turns to gold.